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Your Safety and Security are of paramount concern when inviting any service person into your home. We take that awesome responsibility seriously and therefore implement the strictest background screening process available to ensure our employees are people who you can trust.

How We Deliver Safe Home Repair

Step 1: World-Class Screening

ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati has partnered with Identity Innovations, LLC., a Cincinnati-based company to deliver the industry-leading employee background screening product. Identity Innovations performs the following checks during the hiring process AND on a recurring basis, to ensure our Master Craftsmen and Apprentices are of the highest moral character.

Step 2: Criminal History Check

Checks County, State and Federal databases. Determines felony and/or misdemeanor records; checks Sex Offender Registry and compliance with Megan's Law. Any adverse information automatically disqualifies any applicant for a position with ProMaster.

Step 3: Vehicle Records

Lists all infractions within the past 3 years and verifies the status and classification of license. An excellent tool to help determine if the applicant is a "responsible person."

Step 4: Financial Responsibility

Show's applicant's financial credibility, any public record information (liens, judgments, bankruptcies). Critical to ensure our clients can trust our employees to handle sensitive financial and payment information and activity.

Step 5: Identity Verification

Reveals the validity of the applicant's SSN, current and former addresses, whether the number is terminated, deceased or never issued; where issued, age or year of birth; past and current employers if available. ProMaster also complies with federal law to ensure all employees are legal to work in the United States.

Step 6: Prior Employment

Confirms employment, dates, position, job performance, title, productivity, attitude, skills, attendance, eligibility for rehire and reasons for termination.

Step 7: Professional Licenses

Local, State or Federal government issued professional license verification shows status and accuracy of license, any disciplinary action, last renewal date, original date of issue and when it will expire.

Step 8: Drug Test

Initial Screening and Random Testing Policy enforces our Zero Toleration Policy for substance abuse. Ensures the safety of the job site along with the comfort of our clients.

The Bottom Line

Will you trust just anyone to come work in your home?

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