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Animal Damage Repair

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Animal Damage Repair

Animal Damage Repair in Cincinnati, OH

As a homeowner, dealing with wildlife is part of dealing with nature. You prepare and protect your home against high winds and heavy storms--protect it from unwanted critters too with a professional animal damage repair from ProMaster Home Repair!


Squirrel Hiding in Rotted Soffit

These little guys can be as bothersome as they can be cute. Often equipped with claws and teeth, they have little trouble damaging your home, getting inside, and making themselves at home. And they don't even pay rent!

Many of these critters can cause the need for animal damage repair simply because they're animals and just don't know any better. Think of your pet (if you have one) and how they occasional cause trouble around the house, whether it's a fence or door your dog ran into or a wall or floor your cat scratched up. And don't get us started on the smells they can leave behind...

Even for small repairs like those caused by your own pet, ProMaster can help!

Why an Animal Damage Repair is Important

Once in your home, a squirrel like the one pictured above can get to chewing through anything softer than metal. Rodents and raccoons will chew through wires and wood, potentially creating fire hazards and making holes in your property. They can damage insulation and find their way into air ducts. Deer can even pose a problem, nibbling on a wooden fence or trampling a yard. Birds like this one that nested inside a soffit can be loud and messy, and their droppings are corrosive to metal and masonry, which can cause real damage if ignored.


Many of these critters are remarkably resourceful trying to get into your home. They create unsanitary conditions and can even cause moisture damage when relieving themselves inside your home; it's actually not unlikely to smell animal damage before spotting it.

Spotting Animal Damage

Animals can find a way into your home by creating an opening themselves or finding one usually caused by poor construction. These openings are often located on a roof, wooden soffit or fascia boards, and siding. If at any point during your inspection you spot an animal, it's important you DO NOT interact with it. Leave it alone and contact a professional animal removal service.

Animal Intrusion into Rotted Wood

As a homeowner, one of the first places you should check if you suspect animal intrusion is the attic and accessible crawlspaces. Don't forget a flashlight! Scratch marks, droppings, and chewed wood/wiring are sure signs of animal intrusion. Remember to try and remain quiet, listening for any sounds of scratching or movement.

After a quick interior inspection, perform a walk-around of the house, looking for any unexplained damage. Look for and around any visible openings to the outside. Binoculars can help here, especially to inspect the roof or under the gutters. Once again, look for any visible openings and scratch marks. Are there any trees near the side of your home with overhanging branches? Any electrical lines? If you've got a deck or porch, focus around the bottom of these structures and look for markings on the lattice and boards.

A lot of damage that animals cause to our homes can be cosmetic, but the longer it's left unrepaired, the more inviting it is to other wildlife and the more likely it'll cost more to repair down the road.


Animal Damage Repair Service Area

  • Ohio: Amelia, Anderson, Batavia, Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Colerain, Deer Park, Delhi, Fairfield, Forest Park, Hyde Park, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Kings Mills, Liberty Township, Loveland, Madeira, Maineville, Mariemont, Mason, Milford, Montgomery, Newtown, Norwood, Sharonville, Silverton, South Lebanon, Springdale, Sycamore, Terrace Park, West Chester, Western Hills, Wyoming.
  • Kentucky: Alexandria, Bellevue, Cold Spring, Covington, Crestview Hills, Edgewood, Erlanger, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Hebron, Highland Heights, Independence, Newport, Villa Hills.

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