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Too Good to be True?

Applicants all the time tell us that our company can’t possibly be everything it promises to be. Top wages in the industry? Check. Professional and talented co-workers? Check. Self-managed work? Check. Awesome trucks and uniforms? Check. No chasing down leads? Check. Growth and advancement opportunities? Check.

So what’s the catch?

Only that you need the attitude and work ethic to make it alongside the top 1% of professionals in this industry. Experience isn’t as important as ambition and the willingness to learn. Skills can be taught, but passion is innate. We love what we do and want you to love it too.

But don’t take my word for it; hear it from our craftsmen…

Get past the workplace politics and start working with professionals! If you think you can work alongside the top 1% in the home repair industry, stop wasting time and apply now!

– Merit-based Advancement
– Work with Professionals
– Become a “Job Snob
– Manage Your Own Projects

Start as an Apprentice, become a Professional Craftsmen. Bonuses & incentives for jobs well done. Earn $4k-$9k a month! With ProMaster, you’ll always be backed by a fully-trained office staff as well as your fellow craftsmen. Don’t be forced to take a job you don’t want or can’t complete, and don’t waste time with clients who commoditize you! You’re in charge! You meet the customer, you provide an estimate, and you complete the work, start to finish.Apply-now-button-promaster-home-repair-career

There are Race-car Drivers, and There are NASCAR Drivers.

There are Craftsmen, and There are ProMaster Craftsmen.

Work Like a Rock Star? Get Paid Like One!

Our craftsmen have told us they never expected to make $35+ an hour doing what they love. Most don’t, so how do our craftsmen get away with it?

We hire the best in the industry, pure and simple. Reliable, honest, personable, and skilled craftsmen are in high-demand in an industry suffering a shortage of them. This creates an incredible opportunity for anyone who can fill that shortage, especially because, unlike so many other professions, robots can’t do our jobs yet!

We at ProMaster are doing just that, bringing integrity, professionalism, and hospitality-level customer service to an industry that long ago abandoned those principles. This dedication is what enables our craftsmen to flourish in this industry and has grown our company to triple its original size over a decade.

If you’re a talented craftsmen and can help bring these values back into the home repair industry, you’ll make a great ProMaster Craftsmen!



Benefits of ProMaster Carpenter / Contractor Jobs:

– Top wages & generous incentive programs
– Fuel & vehicle usage compensation
– No fronting money for materials
– Work in an environment of mutual respect, trust, and integrity
– Learn and challenge yourself with a wide variety of jobs
– Merit-based, rapid growth potential: rise from Craftsman to Project Lead to Field Supervisor
– Backed by an office of sales-trained experts that generate qualified leads
– Enjoy a high degree of job security
– Be part of Cincinnati’s premiere home repair and remodeling team
– Develop and improve skills

Requirements for a ProMaster Employee:

– Highly skilled in multiple trades: carpentry, concrete, drywall, electrical, plumbing, roofing, tile, etc.
– Must own tools and appropriate vehicle (service van/full-size pick-up)
– Craftsman Requirement: Minimum 10 years experience
– Apprentice Requirement: Minimum 2 years experience
– Sales and project management ability
– Ability to work independently to troubleshoot, make decisions, and solve problems
– Superior verbal and written communication skills
– Basic computer literacy
– Present a clean-cut, professional image
– Pass a drug test and criminal background check

If you fit these criteria, and if you’re the type of person who likes to control how a project is managed and can be trusted to deliver quality craftsmanship and personalized customer service, then ProMaster is for you!


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