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Looking For a Painter in Covington?

Finding a skilled and honest painter in Covington isn't easy, even in a place with as many people as the Tri-State . Painting is a detail job. Many painters don't pay attention to the details involved in avoiding overspray or preventing drips. ProMaster's craftsmen have many years of professional painting experience. They prepare a surface well, apply paint appropriately, and make sure they don’t leave behind unwanted stains, bubbles, or other imperfections in the paint.

Our painters are more than just painters, though. They’re Home Repair Heroes - craftsmen you can trust with almost any type of home repair. They’re skilled and trustworthy individuals who show up on time and take pride in what they do. Because they work here at ProMaster, you know you can expect them to treat you, your property, and your family with respect.

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Safety in Your Painting Service

Whether you're looking for a painter in Covington or another service person altogether, you should care about safety. Not because Covington is particularly dangerous in any way, but because you should feel comfortable with the individual you're inviting into your home.

Safety, however, means more than just ensuring you hire a trustworthy painter, important as it may be. Homes in Covington are often two or three stories, requiring tools like ladders or lifts. What happens when the painter you hired slips and falls from atop one of those ladders? You need to make sure that your painter is covered for injuries to themselves or your home so you don't end up footing a major bill. Even those like ProMaster that provide homeowners with company paperwork and certificates should be thoroughly researched before inviting them to your home. You need to protect your home by making sure the right people are doing the work.

Cheap Paint Work Looks Cheap

Many homeowners, in the interest of saving money, either hire the cheapest painter they can find or just decide to do it themselves. Sometimes this turns out fine, but other times it just creates more work for the homeowner. Knowing that you're getting a great result can justify spending a bit more on a quality painter.

Why Choose ProMaster As Your Painter in Covington?

Simply put, because we’re the best and most ethical painter in Covington. If you don’t believe us, just do the research. Check out our 3rd party reviews like the BBB and Google, or read our reviews and testimonials here on our site to decide for yourself whether we’re the right company for your project.

Giving your home a new coat of paint is a great opportunity to make additional changes and quality-of-life improvements to the house. One of the best reasons to hire a "Home Repair Hero," besides our reputation, is the fact that our craftsmen are trained to handle a wide variety of home repairs extending far beyond painting services. So if there’s minor trim damage, a missing/broken light fixture, or there’s a nice spot on the wall for some shelving, our guys can take care of it as part of their project, often resulting in saved time and money.

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