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Holiday Lights

Hail a Hero!

Your Holiday Light Report is on Its Way!

We’ve sent a link to your email address with some brief instructions on how to access your report, “Preventing Holiday Light Horror.” And yes, it includes the BONUS Pricing Sheet in it, too!

While you’re waiting for that email to arrive, feel free to check out the other services that ProMaster offers to help care for your home, or view this video by our Customer Service Rep, Steve. Steve is most likely the person who you will speak with if you decide to have ProMaster hang your lights this year. So… you mind as well get to know him a little before you call!

Many of our clients use the opportunity of having their holiday lights installed to discuss additional projects with our on-time, family-friendly, qualified & experienced craftsmen. Whether you have a simple carpentry or drywall project, a major exterior repair (like a concrete or roofing job), or just want to see pictures of some of our recent bathroom remodels, please feel free to browse our site. If you’d rather speak with us in person, call (513) 322-2914 or email us.

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