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Top 5 Reasons to Install Permanent Christmas Lights

Everybody loves Christmas lights and how they can brighten your holiday season. Nobody, however, likes putting them up and taking them down year after year. That’s one reason that we’re so excited about our new, PERMANENT Christmas lights. Just imagine. A holiday lighting display that is easy to operate and customize. Lights that are almost invisible when not in use. Decorations that will be there for you year after year, holiday after holiday. There are a ton of reasons why installing permanent Christmas lights is a great idea, but we thought we’d share five of the biggest ones. We think you’ll agree; these lights are a great addition to any home!


#1: Permanent Christmas Lights Don’t Require Annual Set-Up and Take-Down

This is, without question, the biggest advantage of them all. Getting on a ladder, messing with light clips, untangling knotted up strands… it’s all a pain. That’s why so many people trust ProMaster Home Repair with their seasonal Christmas light installation each year. Permanent Christmas lights, on the other hand, only require a one-time installation, and can be installed at any time of the year. And don’t even get us started on taking lights down in January. Who wants to mess with that? Nevermind the safety risks that are involved in holiday decorating.

When you have permanent holiday lights installed by ProMaster, you know that your home’s roofline will be festively lit for the foreseeable future, meaning no more hassle getting ready for, and over with, the holiday season.

#2: Permanent Christmas Lights Are Almost Invisible When Not In Use

We all know that one house in the neighborhood that leaves their lights up WAY too long. Who knows; maybe you’re that person. It’s not a good look. Christmas lights on your gutter in the middle of July make your home look like it’s not cared for. Permanent Christmas lights, on the other hand, are almost invisible when they’re not lit. The clear light caps blend invisibly into your roofline and gutters from the street, and aren’t terribly noticeable even when viewing them from your driveway or porch. That means that your permanent holiday lights will be the envy of the neighborhood when it’s shining bright, and won’t be an eyesore when it’s not.

#3: Permanent Christmas Lights Are Controlled With An App

Seems like you can do everything on your phone these days. Why should decorating your house be any different? When ProMaster installs your permanent lighting display, you’ll be able to turn your lights on and off with the push of a virtual button. You’ll also be able to change their color, choose a movement pattern, or schedule your display through a simple-to-use app on Android or iPhone. Which also means…

#4: Permanent Christmas Lights Aren’t Just For Christmas

Because your lights will be so easily customizable through your phone, you’ll be able to use them for any holiday, not just Christmas. Orange and purple for Halloween. Red, white and blue for Independence Day. Red and pink for Valentine’s Day. You can even light your home to the colors of your favorite sports teams on game day. Just to make it even more simple, there are preset lighting designs already programmed in your phone for the most popular holidays.

#5 Permanent Christmas Lights Are Just Plain Fun

As a grown up, you don’t often get to play with toys. Maybe a new car or electronic device can fill that void from your childhood, but simply enjoying something that’s fun can get lost in adulthood. Permanent Christmas lights are just plain fun! You will have a great time programming your lights with your kids or grandkids; coming up with different colors, patterns, and designs. Plus there’s no limit to the number of designs you can create! The holiday season is meant to be a time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the most wonderful season of all. You’ll certainly be able to do that with your new permanent Christmas lights from ProMaster.

Brighten Your Holidays With Permanent Holiday Lights!

When you visit and request a consultation, ProMaster will send a multi-disciplined craftsman to your home. There, he’ll discuss your goals, take the necessary measurements, and design the layout of your PERMANENT lighting display. Alternatively,  you can feel free to contact us by phone at 513-322-2914. Or simply use the “Reach Out” form below to inquire about how we can help brighten your holidays with new, permanent Christmas lights!


  1. Terry Kamerer says

    I am torn between leaving up or take down. I am getting older and the thought of putting up and taking down really deters me from putting out as much as I like. You are correct with the technology nowadays and the lights are not as bulky as they use to, I may just leave them up this year.

    Thank you for the pros of keeping the lights up all year.

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