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How to Remove Green From Siding and Roof

How to Remove Green From Siding and Roof


Well, the weather has started to warm up in Cincinnati and people are beginning their spring maintenance projects on their homes. Right now is the time of year when we get many calls about how to remove the green stuff from people’s siding and roofs. Maybe you, yourself, have even googled “how to remove green from siding” or “how to remove green from roof,” only to find that it can be labor intensive and difficult.

First it is good to know what that “green stuff” is; sometimes it isn’t even green. Many homes, particularly in climates that have humid summers like Cincinnati, end up with a green, blue, or black substance growing on shingles, decks, siding, and brick. That stuff that makes your home look so nasty is actually algae, and it tends to grow on the cooler, shadier places on the outside of your home. The good news is it usually isn’t harmful for your home. The bad news is it looks horrible.


While some people will tell you to pressure wash your siding, brick or deck to remove algae, this can cause damage to your home; particularly if you aren’t used to handling a pressure washer. Others will tell you that using a stiff brush and mild cleaner would be best, but the idea of scrubbing the side of your house is quite labor intensive. Plus, scrubbing algae off of your roof shingles can be both damaging for your roof as well as quite dangerous. Don’t worry, however, there is an easier way!

Use Caution!

If you are planning to remove green from siding and roof, be sure to use caution. Many people are nervous about getting on a ladder for any reason, and rightfully so. Falls from a height of 10 feet or more are prone to cause serious injury or worse. If that’s you, we invite you to schedule service with ProMaster, Cincinnati’s on-time and family-friendly home repair company. We would love to help you remove green from your siding and roof.

Remove Green From Siding and Roof, Step 1:

Purchase a mild spray-on moss, mold, and algae remover such as Wet and Forget. Mix 5 parts water to 1 part “Wet and Forget” into a pump-sprayer.

Remove Green From Siding and Roof, Step 2:

Be sure to keep pets off of all surfaces you are cleaning, such as decks or patios, for 24 hours.

Remove Green From Siding and Roof, Step 3:

Fully saturate the algae or mold-covered areas with “Wet and Forget.” Don’t worry about over-spraying, as this product won’t harm the other surfaces of your home.

Remove Green From Siding and Roof, Step 4:

Wait. That’s all you really have to do. No scrubbing or rinsing. After a matter of weeks, green algae will be noticeably reduced or eliminated. Dark spots on your roof may take a period of months to see results, but the benefit of simply spraying a solution on without scrubbing is certainly worth it!

Remove Green From Siding and Roof, Step 5:

Re-apply once a year to trouble areas to ensure that the algae does not return.

As always, ProMaster Home Repair is always happy to help if you want to remove green from siding or roofing and your trouble spots are difficult or dangerous to reach. We invite you to schedule service online or call 513-322-2914 to Hail a Home Repair Hero!

Don’t forget, our multi-disciplined craftsmen can help with any of your home repair or home maintenance needs. So whatever the issue, give us a call!

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