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Should I DIY? When to Hire A Professional

One of the joys of being a homeowner is that you get to determine how your home will look, feel, and function for the entire time you live in it. One of the pains, however, is trying to figure out when to tackle a project yourself, and when to hire a professional. With the rise of sites like YouTube and Pinterest, there are tons of resources to help us take care of home repairs on our own. Additionally, going the DIY route can save you quite a bit of money. We should all love that! That’s one reason why ProMaster’s blog and YouTube channel have so much DIY content; so you can grow in your ability to take care of your home and save money, too.

How do you know, then, if a project is beyond the scope of what you can handle? How do you decide when to hire a professional for your home repair? The answers to these questions will vary for each person. After all, everyone has a different skill level, different tools, and varying amounts of time. Because of this, we’ve put together a short list of things for a homeowner to consider when wondering when to hire a professional, and when to go DIY.

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The first thing a homeowner should consider about a home repair is whether or not the work can be done safely. Will the work be done at a significant height? The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states that around 500,000 people are treated for falls from a significant height each year. A professional home repair company will have the right kinds of ladders, scaffolding, and safety harnesses to ensure their craftsmen’s safety.

Electrical work is another area where safety is a major consideration. Watching a video or reading a tutorial is no substitute for the appropriate training and tools that go into major electrical work. If you are wondering when to hire a professional, doing electrical repairs is one time when it could really pay off.

Regardless of the task, be sure that you can safely attempt your project before getting yourself in a situation that could affect your health or even your life.

Risk of Damage

Cut Out Walls

Sometimes a home repair can be easily re-done if it isn’t done properly. Other times the consequences of poorly done work are far more serious. If you are simply looking to replace the wax ring on your toilet flange, for example, there’s not much problem giving it another try if it doesn’t go as planned. If you want to install a basement egress window, however, improperly cutting into your home’s foundation will be a serious problem. What is the risk to your home if the work isn’t done correctly? This is a major consideration when contemplating when to hire a professional.


Sometimes the risk involved in a DIY project is one of cost. What do you stand to gain from tackling that project on your own? The answer can often be “quite a bit.” Painting projects are among the most popular DIY projects because, in most cases, a homeowner can complete them with relative ease. Painting a bedroom, for example, may take you the better part of your Saturday. It can also, however, save you several hundred dollars when compared to hiring a painter. Hiring a professional tile installer, however, could be worth the investment. Buying a tile saw, tile cutter, trowels and other tools can get expensive. If you’re not going to be reusing them, it might make more financial sense to hire someone who can do an expert job with the right tools.

Code requirements

Do you know what your local code is for that electrical installation you need? What about your plumbing project? Do you need a permit for that new deck? Hiring a home repair professional means that you won’t need to know what you don’t know. Companies like ProMaster work with local governments and adhere to local codes all the time. While it is certainly good to educate yourself on these issues, it’s easy to overlook things during a project. If you’re wondering when to hire a professional, knowing your local regulations is something to think about.


It seems like even the most ardent “do-it-yourself-er” has started a project that they can never seem to get finished. Let’s be honest: people are busy. It’s hard to find time to work on home repair projects. If you’re wondering when to hire a professional vs. going DIY, you might want to ask yourself how much time you have. Starting a project is easy. Finishing one is harder. Living without a functional bathroom or kitchen for weeks on end can become stressful for everyone in your home. If you decide to tackle a DIY project, make sure you have the time available to complete it.

When to DIY and when to hire a professional

As a whole, homeowners are well-served by learning how to take care of their homes. Learning new skills is fun and can save you a ton of money! Our advice is to be wise about which projects you enter into on your own. Start with things that are simple and work your way up. Seek help not only from online videos but from friends and family members with experience in that type of project. If it is a larger project like a bathroom remodel, consider doing your own demo and finish work, and hire a professional for the more difficult tasks in between.

In the mean time, if you need help with a home repair project, big or small, it’s good to know that you have someone to call. Simply contact ProMaster Home Repair! Our “Home Repair Heroes” would love to help you make your home a place you love to live. You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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