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Decks, Patios, & Porches

Front Porch Repair & Reconstruction

Many older Cincinnati homes have beautiful porches that remind us of the days when homeowners spent much of their time relaxing on their front porch as part of their involvement in their neighborhood. Many homes in Cincinnati are old, however, and, as a porch ages, it can often become an eyesore and even unsafe.

Front Porch Repair is Our Forte

One of the most common exterior home carpentry projects we receive at ProMaster is a front porch repair, reconstruction, or remodel. Chances are if you’ve driven around Cincinnati long enough, you’ve seen some of our work and didn’t even know it.

Front porch repair can be done by the homeowner, but given the structural and technical challenges involved in such a project, we recommend you at least have a professional take a look. If insisted, our craftsmen aren’t opposed to working alongside the homeowner as long as they are informed beforehand. Call us if you’re interested in this option!

 Visit our Porch Repair page for more information!

This sort of high quality work is typical among all our craftsmen because, unlike your average handyman, our craftsmen are consummate professionals who take pride in their work. When you hire a ProMaster Craftsman for your front porch repair, you’ll be hiring someone who will always be:

  • Professional: Our craftsmen practically grew up with a tool-belt around their waists and a hammer in their hands. They are reliable and trustworthy employees, all of whom are highly-trained and multi-disciplined.
  • On-time: We respect your time with exact time appointments. 8AM means 8AM! No four hour arrival windows here!
  • Family-friendly: Letting strangers into your home can be dangerous. Not with ProMaster! Each of our employees is rigorously background-checked and drug-tested to ensure the safety of you, your family, and your property.

Got More Problems Than Just a Front Porch Repair?

Remember, ProMaster Craftsmen are all multi-discipline, meaning you won’t have to go through a bunch of different contractors to fix multiple problems! Here are just some of the stuff we do:

Box Gutter Repair
Concrete & Masonry
Drywall & Paint
Flooring & Tile

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