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Wood Rot Fascia Board Repair in Cincinnati, OH [Video]

Wood Rot Fascia Board Repair Video

We were originally called to this home for a wood rot repair on some fascia boards around the house. Several of the boards weren’t just ugly, they were coming off the house and crumbling. A closer look revealed the wood rot was extensive but still repairable, so our craftsman Jamie went to work…

Wood Rot Repair Video Playlist


Using Cellular PVC in Wood Rot Fascia Board Repair

Cellular PVC is often used as a substitute for wood in a variety of constructions and repairs. It can be shaped, cut, and milled like regular wood with regular tools. PVC has a reputation for being long lasting and damage-resistant. Unlike wood, it won’t split, crack, warp, or rot and can handle varying temperatures and humidity levels throughout the year. Cellular PVC can be manufactured to resemble and feel like real wood grain so your home retains its look while staying protected all year round.

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot (or dry rot, as it’s commonly known) is a dormant fungus that resides inside wood and can eat away at the wood from the inside out. What makes wood rot particularly dangerous is that, to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to spot. Wood rot can look like minor cosmetic damage from the outside but in actuality can threaten an entire porch with collapse if left unchecked and unrepaired.

Wood rot is most commonly found in porches, trim, and soffit and fascia because these areas of the house are often exposed to moisture caused by rain or a faulty gutter. It not only looks unsightly, wood rot can pose a serious danger. A rotted porch, for instance, is at far higher risk of collapsing and costing you thousands to repair! On fascia board, wood rot allows more water to get inside your house and cause even more damage. It can also lead to entire sections of the fascia coming off, like in the picture, inviting insects and animals that can worsen the problem.

But there’s good news…

Getting wood rot on fascia board repaired is easier than you think! Small instances of wood rot can be repaired without needing extensive reconstruction. We can narrow in on the problem and fix it before it spreads and causes serious, structural issues that will end up costing far more than a simple wood rot fascia board repair.





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How to Avoid Fascia Board Wood Rot

Simple… Don’t use wood!



Of course, unless you’re willing to do a full reconstruction, most homeowners are stuck with wood because that’s what the home was originally built with. Though there is nothing wrong about that, most homeowners aren’t aware of the maintenance required to avoid wood rot and thus find themselves victims of it a few years down the road.

We use a Cellular PVC material that’s moisture and insect resistant, won’t crack or split, and looks and functions just like wood! The best part is, it’s affordable too!



In order to minimize the expense and burden of a fascia board wood rot repair, it’s important to act as soon as it’s noticed so as to avoid greater damage. Procrastinating with fascia board wood rot repair is not recommended as the cost of the resulting damage will tend to rise quickly over time. When you suspect that you might have a fascia board wood rot repair issue, act quickly and hire a professional service to perform the repair.

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