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The Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

When people think about replacing flooring in their home, their options are almost limitless. Advancing technology has brought us increased stain resistance in carpet, engineered hardwood, and flexible floor tiles that make installation a breeze. Which option is right for you? If you haven’t considered it, you may want to look into the advantages of vinyl plank flooring. Often called “luxury vinyl plank,” or LVP, this option may just give you the look and durability you want at a price that’s hard to pass up! So, what are the advantages of vinyl plank flooring?

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Gone are the days when vinyl floors were just a rolled sheet with a flat surface. Now, vinyl plank flooring can have the look and texture of a real hardwood floor. This, combined with other advantages of vinyl plank flooring, is why so many home builders have started putting vinyl plank flooring in their model homes. People love the multiple styles they can choose from, as well as the high-end feel that the hand-scraped surfaces provide.


No one likes putting a bunch of money and time into installing hardwood or tile floors only to have them get scratched or broken. This is where the durability of LVP shines. One of the advantages of vinyl plank flooring is that it is extremely scratch and stain resistant. Not only that, many kinds of LVP are water-resistant or entirely waterproof. This makes vinyl plank a terrific option for high traffic areas and rooms where water is common, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Ease of Installation

Tile installation commonly means backer-board, thinset adhesive, wet saws, and grout work. Installing hardwood floors requires underlayment, nail guns, and polyurethane. Vinyl plank however, can be installed on nearly any level surface, and requires only the flooring itself and a utility knife. Because most vinyl plank installations are “floating,” click-together installations, there is no glue or nailing necessary. Ease of installation is one of the biggest advantages of vinyl plank flooring. It’s a great project for even the most inexperienced DIY’er.

Sound Absorption

Anytime you install hard surface flooring in a room, you may increase the noise level. Sound bounces off of hard surfaces, and your room’s flooring is no exception. While tile and hardwood floors do little to prevent the echo in your living space, vinyl floors can actually help reduce the sound reverberations in a room. It may not be as quiet as a carpeted area, but the sound absorption will be much better than other hard surface flooring options.


There’s nothing worse than stepping onto cold tile or hardwood in the morning. With vinyl plank flooring, your feet will be more comfortable when you jump out of bed. The makeup of vinyl plank allows the floor remain near room temperature, where as wood and tile in particular tends to be drastically different than room temperature. What’s more, walking on vinyl plank flooring is easier on your feet, ankles, and knees. In addition to being a more forgiving material, many LVP brands have a built-in, padded underlayment on the bottom.


When it comes to home improvement, cost tends to be king. Most of us don’t have unlimited budgets, so spending wisely is an important concept. One of the advantages of vinyl plank flooring is that it tends to be far less expensive than hardwood. Vinyl plank flooring can be found for under a dollar per square foot, but higher quality and reliable options can be found for between $3 and $5. Add in the cost of a faster installation, and that adds up to some real savings!

The Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

There really are some great advantages to vinyl plank flooring. If you’re interested in the high-end look, durability, and cost savings that LVP offers, just hail a ProMaster “Home Repair Hero” today! You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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