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Soffit and Fascia Repair

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Soffit and Fascia Repair

Soffit and Fascia Repair in Cincinnati

As a company that’s developed its own box gutter liner, ProMaster Home Repair is no stranger to soffit and fascia repair in Cincinnati when those box gutter seams start leaking.

The soffit and fascia repair on many homes here in Cincinnati are built using wood. There is nothing inherently wrong with this; however, it does leave soffit and fascia boards susceptible to wood rot.

How can you protect your home from this? Replace those wooden boards with something like a composite PVC that looks indistinguishable but protects against moisture, insects, and splitting.

Most homeowners aren't aware of the maintenance required in order to avoid wood rot on soffit and fascia and don't replace their soffit and fascia in time.

To avoid the worst case scenario, it’s often smart for a homeowner to perform a professional soffit and fascia repair in Cincinnati sooner rather than later. Every minute spent procrastinating on a repair like that is money down the drain; the worse a problem gets, the more expensive it often is to fix. When you suspect that you might have a fascia board wood rot repair issue, act quickly and hire a professional service to perform the repair.



Soffit and Fascia Repair - What to Look For

Before you start researching companies for your soffit and fascia repair in Cincinnati, know what you should be on the lookout for on your home:

  1. Differences between gutter and fascia: Any discoloration or peeling paint you can spot that looks different than the areas surrounding it is a sure sign of a leak. Dampness and deterioration of a fascia board can usually be repaired before repairs have to get too extensive.
  2. Streaks or water stains: This usually means water is dripping out over the edge of the gutter. If water is pooling in or near the gutter, something is preventing it from draining, and the sooner you can remedy it the less likely the water is going to get into the soffit or fascia. Things can actually get so bad that the fascia board just start pulling away from the house.
Soffit & Fascia Repair Cincinnati OH

About ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman

ProMaster has served the greater Cincinnati area with excellence since 2007. Our company has won numerous awards for excellence in craftsmanship and ethics. Most recently, in 2022, named ProMaster one of Cincinnati’s top handyman companies and top deck contractors.

When you work with ProMaster, you get:

  • On-Time, Professional Service: We show up when we say we will and set exact times for appointment. No four-hour windows here.
  • Family-Friendly Craftsmen: We conduct exhaustive background checks on all employees. Our craftsmen are family-oriented, just like you.
  • Quality and Experience: Our multi-disciplined craftsmen are rigorously screened with skill and tool assessments. We only work with our own employees - no subcontractors here. This ensures the best possible work quality for you.
  • Trustworthiness: We’re a BBB accredited business with more than 15 years of experience serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We’ve served thousands of satisfied customers and have seen countless types of home repair projects.


How to Schedule an Evaluation

  • Call our office at 513-322-2914
  • Submit a service request form - yes, we’ll actually respond!
  • Use our online booking service to schedule immediately.
  • Email us your service request at [email protected]

ProMaster has a standard service call charge of $79 for the time and travel cost to get a Home Repair Hero to your property. We can diagnose a problem and complete multiple project estimates for that fee of $79. No additional service charges apply when you invite us back to complete your projects.

Your meeting will be with a professional craftsman who is an employee of our company. He won’t be a subcontractor. He won’t be a salesperson. He’ll show up on time to give you your estimate.

Once you confirm your evaluation date and time, we’ll send you emails with more information about ProMaster. Your craftsman will call to introduce himself prior to your meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions you may have.

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