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Covington Home Repair and Handyman Services

Every angle and measurement matters on a ProMaster project!

Covington eclectically blends its storied history with a modern flair. Whether you’re admiring the 19th-century architecture in Mainstrasse or you’re dining at one of Covington’s many cutting-edge restaurants, you’ll see why there are so many reasons to “Love the Cov!” And if you don’t want to spend half your life driving to and from work, the super-convenient access to downtown Cincinnati makes Covington all the more appealing. The homes in Covington are often as historic as the city itself. Older homes require a little extra TLC, and that is our specialty. ProMaster is the top-rated home repair and handyman service in Covington.

The homes in historic Covington have a character and vibe that is worth preserving. We can help you do just that. Our craftsmen can handle any repair or remodeling project that your home requires. Not only that, but they’ll do the job with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship that exceeds any other handyman or home repair company in Covington.

While our multidisciplinary craftsmen perform countless different types of jobs, here are some of the projects we encounter most often in Covington.

Common Covington Handyman and Home Repair Projects

Box Gutter Repair 

Box gutters were developed in the late 1800s. Today, these gutters are almost exclusively found on older homes. Box gutters are typically built into the roof overhang, while modern gutters are separate from the roof structure. Box gutters help maintain the historic look of an older home, something that would be ruined by today’s gutter systems. 

The downside, though, is that box gutters can develop problems that are much more expensive and difficult to repair than modern gutters. However, ProMaster has a new system to repair historic box gutters that is typically far less expensive than traditional repairs. Adam Crowell, a Master Craftsman at ProMaster, explains it in the video below.

In our box gutter lining system, we use commercial-grade vinyl thermoplastic to create a custom liner for box gutters. The seams between the sheets of this material are heat welded together, creating a virtually impenetrable bond. When traditional box gutter liners fail, they usually fail at the seams. The seams in our lining system will not fail and make for a much cheaper and long-lasting repair.

Our box gutter lining system vastly improves the look and function of box gutters.

Gutters are critical to protect your home from water intrusion. When the gutter system is not functioning properly, water cannot flow away from your home which can lead to damage and wood rot

If the box gutters on your Covington home have become a problem, the Home Repair Heroes at ProMaster are your expert problem solvers. Call us today!

Porch Remodel and Repair 

When guests arrive, the front porch is one of the very first impressions they have of your home. As your home ages, the front porch can deteriorate, making a less-than-awesome first impression. ProMaster’s team of excellent craftsmen can give it the makeover it needs.

Maybe the porch railing system has become unsightly or, even worse, unsafe. We can add new porch railings that will transform the appearance, usability, and safety of your front porch.

Are the steps of your front porch showing signs of wear? We can repair or replace both concrete and wood steps. Do you need an additional step? We can add steps to your existing porch. Do you need a ramp to enhance your home’s accessibility? We can take care of that, too.

Our craftsmen transformed this unsightly front porch into a safe and welcoming entrance into this home.

Your Covington home deserves a safe and welcoming front porch. We are the porch repair experts in Northern Kentucky. Whether you need a new porch light or a whole new porch, the Home Repair Heroes of ProMaster will make it happen.

Window Frame Repair 

Windows can be the weakest link in a home’s defense against the elements, especially in older homes. Historic homes often have windows with wood trim that can be damaged when water leaks in. While no one wants to find a leaky window in their home, there’s no reason to panic. At ProMaster, we do windows!

It’s important to remember that once water finds its way in, it will continue to follow that same path until a repair is made. As water intrudes, it causes damage to the wood around your window. It can also damage the plaster on the walls of historic homes, not to mention the wood frame that is the structural skeleton of the home. Left unchecked, the damage caused by water intrusion can grow into a big, and very expensive, problem. 

Dale Carpenter, one our super-talented craftsmen, repaired this damaged window frame.

If you notice a leaky window in your home, don’t ignore it! Call ProMaster right away! We are the premiere handyman and home repair service in Covington, and we have repaired tons of windows in homes just like yours.

What Additional Covington Handyman Services Do We Offer?

Each craftsman at ProMaster is a skilled, multidisciplinary professional. If you need a plumber, electrician, and carpenter to make a home repair, you don’t have to call multiple companies. You can solve it all with one call…as long as that call is to ProMaster! Our craftsmen excel in all of those disciplines and so much more. Not only that, but our friendly and courteous craftsmen arrive at exact appointment times. When the project is finished, they’ll leave the job site clean and ready to use.

Here is a small sample of the wide array of services we offer:

For a full list, visit our handyman services page. You can also view photos of our recent work to see examples of what we do!

About ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman

ProMaster has served the Greater Cincinnati area with excellence since 2007. Our company has won numerous awards for excellence in craftsmanship and ethics. Most recently, in 2022, named ProMaster one of Cincinnati’s top handyman companies and top deck contractors.

When you work with ProMaster, you get:

  • On-Time, Professional Service: We show up when we say we will and set exact times for appointment. No four-hour windows here.
  • Family-Friendly Craftsmen: We conduct exhaustive background checks on all employees. Our craftsmen are family-oriented, just like you.
  • Quality and Experience: Our multi-disciplined craftsmen are rigorously screened with skill and tool assessments. We only work with our own employees – no subcontractors here. This ensures the best possible work quality for you.
  • Trustworthiness: We’re a BBB accredited business with more than 15 years of experience serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We’ve served thousands of satisfied customers and have seen countless types of home repair projects.

How to Schedule an Evaluation

ProMaster has a standard service call charge of $79 for the time and travel cost to get a Home Repair Hero to your property. We can diagnose a problem and complete multiple project estimates for that fee of $79. No additional service charges apply when you invite us back to complete your projects.

Your meeting will be with a professional craftsman who is an employee of our company. He won’t be a subcontractor. He won’t be a salesperson. He’ll show up on time to give you your estimate.

Once you confirm your evaluation date and time, we’ll send you emails with more information about ProMaster. Your craftsman will call to introduce himself prior to your meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions you may have.

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