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Bathroom Repair

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Bathroom Repair

Cincinnati OH - Bathroom Remodeling and Repair

Cincinnati Bathroom Repair Services

Lots of areas in your home's bathrooms can warrant calling a Cincinnati bathroom repair service - everything from damaged shower tile to installing a new vanity. Hailing a ProMaster multi-disciplined craftsman may just be the answer to your bathroom repair needs.

Do you need plumbing work but also want someone who can repair drywall damage in your bathroom? As well as install new flooring? Continue reading or view our list of handyman services to learn more about what hiring ProMaster offers you as a client.

Bathroom flooring installation completed by a ProMaster craftsman in Cincinnati, OH.

Common Cincinnati Bathroom Repairs

If it can go wrong in your bathroom, ProMaster can fix it! When your employ craftsmen who tackle full bathroom remodels without using subcontractors, you can be confident your bathroom repair will be handled the right way.

Vanity Installation

Sometimes, a new vanity can be a fantastic way to freshen up your bathroom without breaking the bank. Removing and disposing of the old vanity, however, is not something homeowners are often ready to tackle. ProMaster's crew, however, can quickly knock out the task to make your bathroom look up to date in no time.

Vanity installation completed by ProMaster craftsman in Cincinnati, OH.

Toilet Installation

Another task that homeowners may not want to tackle on their own is installing a new toilet. If your toilet is old, cracking, or simply a bit too high or low to your liking, it will be a simple fix for an experienced ProMaster craftsman! Like removing a vanity, disposing of an old toilet can be a big burden for a homeowner. But ProMaster will take care of it all, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done right!

Tile Shower Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to make sure your tile shower keeps working properly is proper maintenance. Using proper caulking compounds and performing some basic grout maintenance are great ways to get the most mileage out of your tile shower, even with poorly constructed ones. Check on it at least once a year, giving the grout and tile a nice deep clean and applying a tile and grout sealant that’s appropriate to the type of tile the shower is built with. Think of it like your car and how you need to maintain it regularly to keep it functioning properly and prolonging the life of your shower.

There are less and less experts out there willing to work on tile showers because of all the construction problems that are common with them. They might recommend tearing the whole thing down and starting over, which will fix the problem but stick the homeowners with a giant bill.

We at ProMaster, on the other hand, are happy to save what we can and keep your tile shower functioning for as long as we can. We understand that full-scale remodels or reconstructions aren’t financially feasible for everyone and will work to achieve your goals within your budget whenever possible.


About ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman

ProMaster has served the greater Cincinnati area with excellence since 2007. Our company has won numerous awards for excellence in craftsmanship and ethics. Most recently, in 2022, named ProMaster one of Cincinnati’s top handyman companies and top deck contractors.

When you work with ProMaster, you get:

  • On-Time, Professional Service: We show up when we say we will and set exact times for appointment. No four-hour windows here.
  • Family-Friendly Craftsmen: We conduct exhaustive background checks on all employees. Our craftsmen are family-oriented, just like you.
  • Quality and Experience: Our multi-disciplined craftsmen are rigorously screened with skill and tool assessments. We only work with our own employees - no subcontractors here. This ensures the best possible work quality for you.
  • Trustworthiness: We’re a BBB accredited business with more than 15 years of experience serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We’ve served thousands of satisfied customers and have seen countless types of home repair projects.

How to Schedule an Evaluation

  • Call our office at 513-322-2914
  • Submit a service request form - yes, we’ll actually respond!
  • Use our online booking service to schedule immediately.

ProMaster has a standard service call charge of $79 for the time and travel cost to get a Home Repair Hero to your property. We can diagnose a problem and complete multiple project estimates for that fee of $79. No additional service charges apply when you invite us back to complete your projects.

Your meeting will be with a professional craftsman who is an employee of our company. He won’t be a subcontractor. He won’t be a salesperson. He’ll show up on time to give you your estimate.

Once you confirm your evaluation date and time, we’ll send you emails with more information about ProMaster. Your craftsman will call to introduce himself prior to your meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions you may have.

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