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Drywall Repair

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Drywall Repair

Cincinnati Drywall Repair

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Whether you need a few simple holes patched or complete drywall installation, ProMaster Home Repair can help with your Cincinnati drywall repair project! Hanging, mudding, sanding, and finishing drywall is an artful skill. That's why hiring craftsmen like ProMaster's skilled team of professionals is a great solution for any plaster or drywall repair in Cincinnati.

Drywall Repair in Cincinnati

Drywall repair is a straightforward process that just about any homeowner can learn to do, but not every homeowner wants to deal with the mess and effort.

Thankfully, drywall repair tools and materials are inexpensive and easy to find. The skills and techniques for performing drywall repair, however, are slightly more complex.

What types of repairs might the typical Cincinnati homeowner face? Let's learn more!

Water Damage

Perhaps one of the most common drywall repairs comes following some sort of water damage. Maybe you've discovered a plumbing leak and your drywall is discolored. Or perhaps you're dealing with a roof leak or a window leak.

The great part about hiring ProMaster? We can help diagnose and repair your leak too!

But even if you simply need drywall repair from that water damage, no job is too small for ProMaster to handle.

Don't wait to repair your water damaged drywall! The drywall could completely fail, leaving you with a larger hole in your wall or ceiling than you'd like to deal with. Or mold could develop, leading to even larger issues for the health of your home and family.

Drywall Hanging and Installation

This project is typically a bit more exciting than dealing with water damage, because hanging drywall can often mean a new room or addition within your home! ProMaster commonly sees this when adding framing as part of a basement remodel.

Maybe you are ready to add in a new bathroom, bedroom, or laundry room into your basement. Or put in a new extension on a closet in a bedroom. Whatever the reason, ProMaster can handle your drywall project from start to finish.

Drywall Painting

When we say start to finish, we mean it. Our craftsmen also prime and paint drywall to leave you with a finished product in your home! That's part of only employing multi-disciplined craftsmen who do more than just drywall repair.

Watch this video of a recent drywall repair and finishing project that also included installing new hardwood flooring!


drywall installation cincinnati handyman services

Plaster Repair in Cincinnati

If you own a home in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, chances are you may be looking for plaster repair rather than drywall repair. Our craftsmen can handle that too!

Plaster was very commonly used on homes in the first half of the 20th century, meaning if your home was built from 1900 (or earlier) to the 1950s, you probably have at least some plaster walls.

Like drywall, plaster can experience water damage from leaks. Unlike drywall, however, plaster is not commonly a DIY project for homeowners and typically reserved for an expert.

Because of the amount of plaster walls on home in the Cincinnati area, ProMaster's craftsmen have seen lots of this damage and can certainly help with your Cincinnati plaster repair!

How will you know your plaster is damaged? You'll see some of the same signs as drywall - bubbling, flaking, and discoloration. This can occur around a window or near the top of your wall where it connects with the ceiling.

Many of these older homes also feature box gutters. When box gutters fail and leak, because they are built into the roofline of your home, the water can actually creep back into your house, resulting in plaster damage.

Our craftsmen can assist with box gutter repair as well - you can learn more by visiting our box gutter page or watching an overview of box gutter repair.


plaster wall repair cincinnati OH handyman services

About ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman

ProMaster has served the greater Cincinnati area with excellence since 2007. Our company has won numerous awards for excellence in craftsmanship and ethics. Most recently, in 2022, named ProMaster one of Cincinnati’s top handyman companies and top deck contractors.

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