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Basement Remodel

Cincinnati Basement Remodeling Services

Being located at the end of “Tornado Alley,” Cincinnati is a city with a lot of basements. For many Cincinnati homeowners, those basements serve as extra storage space or a child’s playroom, but homeowners who want to make the most out of this floor can opt for getting a basement remodel. While it’s a big decision to make, a basement remodel can greatly expand the usable space of your home and often increase a home’s value at resale.


Basement Remodels are Big Investments

Basement remodels are some of the best projects because you’re taking a ton of unused square footage and converts it into livable space, which ups the value of the house. As with most big projects however, there a million different things to consider before starting a remodel like this.

First, what do you want to use the space for? A rec room? A guest bedroom? Bar and billiards room? Whatever it is, it’s going to affect the way you approach the remodel as well as the home’s resale value. Adding a bedroom to a home, for instance, can instantly add value to the listing. Framing, design, accessibility, electrical wiring, etc. all of that will be affected by what the function of this space will be. Will you need closets and bathrooms? Full or half-baths?

Basement Remodels - What You Should Know/Consider

Waterproofing is very important. Being underground, basements are susceptible to water intrusion, and the last thing you want is all your work to be undone with water coming through the foundation. Make sure any cracks or fissures are found and dealt with before any major work is done.

Basements are notoriously colder than the rest of the house, so keep that in mind when remodeling. Proper and increased insulation is a must, and some homeowners even go so far as to add sound insulation to keep sound from spreading to the rest of the home and vice versa.

Basements are also dark as there often aren’t many windows or natural light sources. This is important to keep in mind when designing the remodel not only in terms of electrical wiring but also in deciding what colors you’ll be painting with. You’ll definitely need more light sources than elsewhere in your home, but brighter colors can help make the most out of whatever lighting you plan to have down there.

The type of ceiling in your basement is also an important consideration. Your unfinished basement no doubt has visible HVAC and plumbing running to the other parts of the home; a hard ceiling like drywall covers those up nicely and looks great but can complicate future repairs if that equipment needs repair.

Unfinished basements hold all the HVAC equipment but none of it is setup to function on the basement floor itself. Not only does it need to be setup, it needs to be setup properly so that air is dispersed evenly and effectively throughout the basement.

Even if you plan on using your basement for (mostly) storage, getting a remodel to fit that need can help you customize and organize things even more effectively. Shelving, closets, bookcases, etc. can help you wring the most out of your basement’s storage space.

You also don’t want your basement looking too different from the rest of your home, which means finding matching trims, doors, handrails, etc. The goal is to make your basement seem like a part of the home rather than an out of place addition.

Why Choose ProMaster for Your Basement Remodel?

There are plenty of companies in Cincinnati that offer basement remodels, and some of them aren’t too bad. But if you want

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