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Egress Window Installation

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Egress Window Installation

The key aspects of any house are that they are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. One area in the home that almost always fails in at least one of these aspects is the basement. Many people these days have finished basements that are comfortable and pleasant looking. However, is it truly safe for you and your family? Consider installing egress windows into your home.


Ensure a Safe Exit Route with an Egress Window

An egress window can address all of these issues in a basement, but most importantly is safety. Now, this next scenario is a situation I pray never occurs to anyone, but like a boy scout, you should always be prepared. If a fire were to break out upstairs in your home while you are in the basement, what is your current exit strategy? Do you have a stairwell leading to the garage? Will you try to squeeze through the tiny windows that are already there? An egress window can be customized to your specifications, making it easy for kids, adults and the elderly to escape if trapped in the basement.

What are All the Benefits of Egress Windows?

Now, there are multiple benefits to an egress window, and not all require a scary scenario to understand. In order to assure you that I’m not aiming to scare you, here is a full list of benefits of an egress window:

  • Safety
  • Legally market a basement room as a bedroom (more on that below)
  • Increased lighting
  • Increased air flow
  • Can be added anywhere in your basement

Increase Home Value with Egress Windows!

Egress windows also add substantial value to your home and are one of the only projects that you will fully recoup your cost in resale value. The total cost of installation of an egress window is about $6000 dollars. However, if you have all the other qualifications for a bedroom (closet and at least 10 ft by 10 ft area) then you can market that as a bedroom when it comes time to sell your house. The current average for value per livable space in Cincinnati is $75 per square feet. That means a 12×12 room will be worth roughly $10,000 for only $6,000 worth of installation.

Egress Window Installation Process

Is an Egress Window Worth it?

An egress window is a great way to make your home safe and comfortable and an excellent way to add instant value to your home. It is a fairly affordable project and one of the few that will fully recoup your costs in resale value. Plus, it only takes a few days to complete! The project is a handful for even the most experienced DIYers and can cause quite a mess, which is why hiring a professional home repair company, like ProMaster, is always a good idea. We will leave your yard and home clean and mess free after the project is finished.

Does an Egress Window Sound Appealing to You?

If you would like to make your home safer, increase the ambiance of your basement and add value to your home, consider installing an egress window to your home. For help on tackling this (or any) project, contact ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman at 513-724-0539, visit us on the web at and as always we’d love to be your friend on Facebook, keyword “ProMaster Craftsmen”.

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