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Window Repair

Window Repair vs. Window Replacement

Window repair vs. window replacement is a common debate that deserves a lot of attention. Window replacement is one of the most popular forms of home repair and remodeling. It is also rather expensive with costs averaging from $11,000 to $18,000 (~$400-$900 per window) in the Cincinnati area (Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report). Many window replacements are performed on windows with wood frames, which are common in older or upscale homes.

A better option may be to opt for a window repair at a fraction of the cost of a window replacement. Repair takes less time and is less intrusive to your home. If you are debating on window replacement in the near future, consider if a window repair will accomplish what you want. Most problems with old wood windows occur because of wood rot. Wood rot develops over time from exposure to the elements. The next paragraph will explore how to tell if you have repairable wood rot.


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How to Identify Wood Rot

Window Repair- Wood Rot

Look for wood rot in corner joints

Wood rot can occur in many parts of the home. The problem of wood rot is not confined to windows but they are at an increased risk. Wood rot is caused from the combination of increased moisture and heat. That’s why windows are so susceptible to wood rot. Windows must face rain, snow, ice, and direct sunlight every day of the year. The persistent exposure to the elements puts wood windows at higher risk for wood rot. The joints are a major problem area due to longer drying times.

If you notice excessive dampness, flaking or chipping, or visible fungal spores on the wood frame around the glass then that is a sign that your window is infested with wood rot causing fungi. These fungi can spread throughout your home and potentially cause health hazards. It is important to contact a professional if you notice any of these problems.

close up of wood rot

Close up of wood rot

How a Window Repair Will Save Money

If your window has noticeable wood rot but the glass and frame around the window are still in good condition consider a repair. A simple solution to window repair can be found by ordering manufacturer parts and replacing the areas affected by wood rot. After the wood rot affected areas are replaced with new wood, you can prime and paint the window to match the existing windows in your home. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of a window replacement.

Window repair is a great way to

  • Save money
  • Improve the look of your home
  • Increase energy efficiency provided by a properly sealed window.

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