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Case Study: Water-Damaged Siding

Your doctor has probably told you to drink water. As a medical professional, your doctor knows that water intake is essential for your body’s health and well-being. However, your home is the exact opposite. Your home’s health and well-being depend on keeping water out. As home repair professionals, the craftsmen at ProMaster are experts at repairing water damage and ensuring water cannot find its way back into your Cincinnati home. 

Water-Damaged Siding Repair by Craftsman Chris Snook

ProMaster Professional Craftsman Chris Snook

Chris Snook, a professional craftsman at ProMaster, recently repaired some water-damaged siding. The astute homeowner recognized the signs of water damage early and called ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati to address the issue. In the video below, Chris shares some valuable insights from that project, including how to recognize water damage and the importance of taking early action when such damage is detected. 

Water-Damaged Siding Repair – Video

Where Was The Water Getting In?

Water doesn’t need a large opening to enter into unwelcome places. As the old saying goes, water will find its way. In this case, the water found its way through seams in the siding that had begun to separate. Those openings were certainly not large, but that’s all that was needed for moisture to enter and for the damage to begin.

ProMaster repairs water leaks and damage of all kinds, including wood siding.

What Were the Signs That Water Damage Was a Problem?

Superman has x-ray vision, so he can see the damage occurring inside his walls. The rest of us have to watch for other indicators of a water problem, such as the ones this homeowner observed. In this case, there was some damage on the bottom of the siding. It was beginning to crack and had become soft. Those are telltale signs of water damage.

Also, check your gutters and windows when looking for possible water issues. Your gutters are critical since they are the passageways that carry water away from your house. If those passageways become clogged or damaged, water will spill over the sides as well as behind the gutters. That water can then find its way into your walls. 

Your windows are another critical piece of water protection. If the caulking around your windows is cracked, that is an easy entry point for water. Missing or improperly installed flashing can also invite water in. If your windows are leaking, especially around the top, it could be an issue with the flashing. 

Along with checking your gutters and windows, look for any warping or bowing in your siding. Press against the wall to see if any areas feel soft. That was the sign recognized by the homeowner in this case study.

Inside your home, wet carpet or flooring obviously means that there is a water issue. Water stains on the ceiling or drywall, no matter how small, are also clear signs that water is getting in.

water stain on a ceiling
Even a small water stain on the ceiling means there is an issue that needs to be repaired

Is it Really That Big of a Deal?

The area of actual wet rot on the house that Chris repaired measured approximately six inches by six inches. That doesn’t sound like much. If the area of water damage is that small, how bad could it be? The answer is, it could be very bad, indeed. Even such a small area of saturated wood can grow into a major issue. 

Once moisture has found its way in and the wood becomes saturated, it will not dry out on its own. Sunlight and airflow do not reach into the interior of your home’s walls, so there is no evaporative or drying effect. When the wood inside your walls becomes saturated, it will remain wet even if the weather outside is dry. And, as more moisture becomes trapped in the wood, the area of wet rot will continue to grow larger until a repair is made and the moisture is sealed out.

ProMaster Craftsman Chris Snook carefully cut the new wood siding to the correct size.

The Value of Catching Water Damage Early

The homeowner in this case study took immediate action. In the end, his decision to be proactive and call a ProMaster Home Repair Hero saved him a lot of money, not to mention a huge headache. 

Had he ignored the issue, the water damage would have spread from the siding to the sheathing behind it. The wood rot would have then attacked the actual framework of the house. Left unchecked, the structural integrity of the house could have been damaged. 

wood rot close-up
Wood rot is no joke

Wood rot is a safety issue, not merely an aesthetic issue. Along with damaging the structural skeleton of your home, waterlogged wood also creates a breeding ground for mold which can toxify the air inside your home. The wet rot could also open holes in your walls, allowing animals to enter. And, as Chris noted in the video, if the water inside the wall were to freeze during the winter, that opens up a whole new set of issues. Mold, critters, comprised structural integrity, and more can all become huge problems if water damage is not repaired.

Long story short, once wood rot begins, it is not going to stop on its own. It must be repaired.

ProMaster’s Home Repair Heroes Can Help!

This homeowner saved thousands of dollars by contacting ProMaster while the damage was still confined to a small area. When it comes to water damage and wood rot, early detection and intervention are key. Otherwise, what could have initially been solved through a relatively small maintenance project can grow into a massive job that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Procrastination is very expensive!

ProMaster installs new wood siding

Around 50% of ProMaster’s jobs involve water damage or wood rot. We are your Cincinnati experts for diagnosing and repairing water damage issues in your home. Along with superior quality repair, we always deliver on-time and family-friendly service.  

The water damage in your home has given you enough stress. We’re not going to add more by making you wait around, wondering when your repairman is going to show up. Our friendly, courteous professionals set exact appointments and then show up on time, every time.

If you suspect your home has water damage, you can schedule an appointment online or contact us by phoneemail, or text message.

Our blog has a ton of information and resources regarding water damage. We have seen it all and we can fix it all. Stop water damage in its soggy tracks and contact a Home Repair Hero today!

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