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Here at ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati, we’ve helped many homeowners solve a difficult window leak. These leaks often result from improperly installed windows or poor home construction techniques that prompt the need for repair. The following article reveals the warning signs that every homeowner can use to determine if they have a serious window leak.


Tell Tale Signs of a Window Leak

Visible moisture on the interior of your home on or around a window is a rather obvious sign of a window leak, but there are often more insidious window leaks with symptoms far more difficult to spot.  Unfortunately, these symptoms arise only after significant damage has occurred.  The following pictures and description will help you spot those problems before they can cost your thousands of dollars in preventable home repairs.

Do These Window Leak Symptoms Look Familiar?

If any of these pictures look familiar, don’t panic. A good home repair professional can isolate and eliminate the source of the leak and repair the resulting water damage.

But time is of the essence! Mold growth, wood rot, drywall and insulation damage, and even structural problems may result from delaying the repair.

Case Study on the Damage from a Window Leak

To illustrate how a small, insidious window leak can cause enormous frustration for a homeowner, let’s examine a case study from a recent client that we helped in Amelia, Ohio—a suburb of Cincinnati.  This home was about 8 years old, and like many tract homes built in the Cincinnati area, it has 2-story great rooms with windows composing much of the exterior wall.  While this is a wonderful architectural feature, the vinyl siding and construction techniques used in these homes do not generally prevent a large wall of windows like this from leaking.

The homeowner reports fighting window leaks in this part of the home since shortly after purchase, and indicates that the builder could not resolve the problem.  In addition, her neighbors are experiencing similar problems.  While one can’t automatically conclude that there is a common building defect in these homes, it is a clue that should lead any home repair professional toward examining the flashing or window installation quality.

Window Leaks Often Result From Inferior Construction

In the case of this homeowner, her window leaks are the result of improperly flashed windows and the absence of house wrap.  Flashing is simply material used to shed water away from areas particularly vulnerable to water intrusion.  House wrap is just what it sounds like—a material that covers the wood sheeting and prevents any water that sneaks in behind the brick or siding from soaking the wood it “wraps.”

If You Suspect a Window Leak

Here are several things you can do to assist your home repair professional with diagnosing and resolving the a window leak. During the next rain event, ask yourself the following questions and note your observations:

  1. Does the window always leak when it rains? Or does it only leak during a heavy rain shower?
  2. Does the window leak when the rain is being driven by wind from a particular direction?
  3. How long has the window been leaking? Can you identify any event associated with the first time you noticed the window leak?  (i.e. significant storm, ice event, extreme winds, etc.)
  4. Has the window leak worsened? Or has it remained consistent over time?
  5. Have you attempted to stop the leak? If so, what has been done? Has that helped?
  6. If you can obtain this information, find out who built your home and when it was constructed.

Bigger Problem Than Just a Window Leak

Another common cause of a window leak that many homeowners overlook is a bad box gutter. If you’ve ever had box gutter issues in the past and suffer from unexplained window leaks, your box gutter may be to blame.

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