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Wood Rot Repair

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Wood Rot Repair Cincinnati OH

To minimize the expense and hassle of a wood rot repair, act quickly on any sign of wood decay, damage or water intrusion. Wood rot is not one of those home repairs that one should procrastinate on, as the cost for the resulting damage will tend to rise exponentially with time.

ProMaster specializes in a variety of wood rot repair, both inside and outside the home. Continue reading for more information on the importance of handling wood rot repair, questions to consider, and more.


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What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot, sometimes called "dry rot," is a fungus that sits inside wood and its away at it from the inside out. What makes it particularly dangerous is that, to the untrained eye, it can be difficult to spot. Wood rot can look like minor cosmetic damage from the outside but in actuality be threatening the stability of an entire porch if left untreated and unrepaired.

Most commonly you'll find wood rot in your porches, trim, or soffit and fascia because these areas of the house are often exposed to the elements. But it's more than just an eyesore. On fascia board, wood rot enables more water to get inside your house and begin causing interior damage. It can also lead to entire sections of the fascia coming off that invites insects and animals into your home that only worsen your problem.

But there's good news...

Getting a quality wood rot repair is easier than you think! Small instances of can be repaired without needing extensive reconstruction. We can narrow in on the problem and fix it before it spreads and causes serious, structural issues that will end up costing far more than a simple wood rot fascia board repair.

ProMaster craftsmen are specifically suited to handle any size repair, be it a full deck reconstruction or repairing a small piece of fascia before it really costs you!


Three Important Questions Before Beginning a Wood Rot Repair

  1. Is there any animal or insect intrusion? Animal damage, carpenter ants or termites responsible for damaging the wood must be eliminated before any wood rot repair begins.  Contact a wildlife removal specialist or exterminator before hiring a home repair company to perform the wood rot repair.
  2. Can you feel or see any dampness? Water intrusion is often the primary cause of the wood rot.  Any information you can provide to your professional as to the potential source of water is invaluable in properly diagnosing the cause of the wood rot.
  3. Is the wood rot cosmetic or structural? Cosmetic rot in trim, soffits, or siding is certainly unsightly, but does not necessarily pose any immediate concern to the safety of the home.  Whereas wood rot in any structural framing like bandboards, sill plates, deck structures, etc. can cause additional damage to the home and potentially jeopardize the safety of those living within.

Over the years we've performed numerous wood rot repairs in Mason, Ohio and dry rot repairs in Loveland, Ohio but we also provide all of our services throughout the Cincinnati Metro area. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help!

Why Choose ProMaster Home Repair?

Simply put, because we’re the best and most ethical Cincinnati wood rot repair contractor. Check out our 3rd party reviews on Facebook, Google, or the BBB. You can also read our reviews and testimonials to decide for yourself whether we’re the right company with you.

One of the best reasons to hire a ProMaster Home Repair Hero, besides our reputation, is the fact that our craftsmen are trained to handle a wide variety of home repairs extending far beyond wood rot repair. No matter the situation, our guys can take care of it as part of their project, often resulting in saved time and money.

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