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Box Gutter Repair

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Box Gutter Repair

Our Unique Box Gutter Repair that Will Save You Money
and Preserve the Beauty of Your Home

Cincinnati's Most Modern Box Gutter Repair Solution

Box gutters are a beautiful architectural staple of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Whether you’re in Norwood, Covington, or anywhere in between, chances are you know of neighbors with box gutters or have them on your own home.

Many homes in these locations and in other areas of Cincinnati were built from 1890 to 1930, one of the most prominent time periods for the use of box gutters. The distinctive box-like shape from a profile view defines this unique form of gutter. You’ll also see the gutters actually built into the roofline of the home, rather than attached separately like most modern gutters.

Profile view of a box gutter in Cincinnati, OH

While more architecturally pleasing and able to channel a lot more water away from the home, box gutters are very expensive to repair. Box gutter repair has typically involved cutting out sections of rusted or rotted metal, repairing wood rot, bending, forming, and welding replacement metal, and finishing with detailed carpentry work. Not only does this solution result in seams that will, one day, create a leak but the cost of the box gutter repair can be well over $30,000.

Box Gutter Repair to Save You Money

ProMaster offers a unique box gutter repair solution that uses a commercial-grade vinyl thermoplastic to create custom liners for box gutter reinforcement and repair. Made in America and field proven in more than 40 years of industrial use, this material is welded together to create a stronger, seamless liner for the box gutter. The thermoplastic material is durable enough to withstand weather, sunlight, and harsh outdoor environments.

The ProMaster solution is the best option for box gutter repair we’ve ever seen and avoids creating any susceptible seams. It can be applied to specific areas of damage and doesn’t require an entire new gutter system to be installed. Our box gutter repair will last for decades, calls for minimal labor and architectural work, and saves homeowners thousands upon thousands of dollars.

How does it work? Our craftsmen place sheets of that liner into the gutter and cut it to fit your specific home’s box gutters. They then heat weld those together to form the strongest possible watertight seam to ensure those failures don’t continue.

The craftsmen then heat weld the liner to a PVC-coated aluminum drip edge, allowing it to form to the shape of the gutter and keep rainwater properly flowing to the downspout.

Learn more in this video with ProMaster Master Craftsman Adam Crowell.

ProMaster craftsman repairing box gutters in Norwood, OH.

Why Box Gutter Repair is a Necessity

Original box gutter lining is typically made out of metal such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal or steel. Over time, when this material rusts, corrodes, rots or seams come apart, water that should be flowing through the box gutter will, instead, flow down the soffit, back up onto the roof, soak the wood trim, or begin to saturate an exterior or interior wall. This results in water damage that can cause mold, rot, sagging, stains, or crumbling of the exterior.

While box gutter damage can sometimes be hard to diagnose without an aerial view of the gutter, there are two key signs homeowners can watch for to see if their gutters are leaking.

1. Water leaking from the soffit or eave. This area lies directly underneath the box gutters on your home and is easily visible by looking upward from ground level. During rain, if you see water leaking from within this area, that water is likely coming from a failure in your box gutters.

Likewise, if you see rot or other signs of damage in this area, it could be due to water intrusion from box gutters, though other diagnoses could be possible.

The soffit underneath box gutters where water can show from a box gutter leak.
This area of soffit isn't showing visible signs of damage but if water is leaking from here it could be a sign your box gutters are failing.


2. Water damage inside your home. Because box gutters are built into the rooflines of homes, when failures occur, water can actually creep inside your house. You’ll begin to see evidence of water damage on the ceiling or upper part of the wall along the side of the house where the gutter is failing.

This frequently manifests as bubbling and flaking on plaster walls, as many homes built with box gutters were also constructed with plaster walls.

Plaster damage inside a home from an external box gutter leak.
Plaster ceiling and wall damage due to water intrusion into the home from leaking box gutters


If you’re seeing these signs and believe your box gutters need repair, a great next step would be to call ProMaster Home Repair or another company to evaluate your box gutters.

At ProMaster, we do this by sending one of our Master Craftsmen to your home. Upon arrival, he’ll examine any areas of damage caused by the leak either manually or by using a company drone.

The craftsman will use the drone to not only see damage, but be able to look into the gutter itself from an aerial view and see where those seams may be failing. He can use that to then prepare an estimate for repairing your box gutters.


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Box gutter wood rot repair in Cincinnati, OH

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