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Box Gutter Repair

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Box Gutter Repair

Our Unique Box Gutter Repair that Will Save You Money
and Preserve the Beauty of Your Home

Click Here to See How a Failed Box Gutter Seam Cost These Homeowners Thousands, and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate!

ProMaster has developed a unique solution for your box gutter repair that eliminates its most troublesome feature--the seams. It's a new and modernized to repair box gutters at just a fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods.

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Cincinnati's Most Modern Box Gutter Repair Solution

Box Gutter Repair CincinnatiSometimes referred to as the eve of a roof, a box gutter is built as an integral part of the roof and soffit and is encased in framing and finished with carpentry and trim. Box gutters are often found on Tudor and Craftsman-style homes that are common in Cincinnati, OH, Milford, OH, and other areas in the Midwest.

While more architecturally pleasing and able to channel a lot more water away from the home, box gutters are very expensive to repair. Box gutter repair has typically involved cutting out sections of rusted or rotted metal, repairing wood rot, bending, forming, and welding replacement metal, and finishing with detailed carpentry work. Not only does this solution result in seams that will, one day, create a leak but the cost of the box gutter repair, alone, can be well over $30,000.

We Repair Box Gutters to Save You Money

When a box gutter, or any gutter, requires repair, homeowners should insist on a solution that is seamless to ensure the highest quality and longest-lasting result, or else wind up spending thousands on otherwise avoidable repairs like the homeowners in this video had to do. In a system that is designed to move water away from a structure to protect it, any existence of a seam will lead to a leak.

ProMaster offers a unique box gutter repair solution that uses a commercial-grade vinyl thermoplastic to create custom liners for box gutter reinforcement and repair. Made in America and field proven in more than 40 years of industrial use, this material is welded together to create a stronger, seamless liner for the box gutter. The thermoplastic material is durable enough to withstand weather, sunlight, and harsh outdoor environments.

The ProMaster solution is the best option for box gutter repair we’ve ever seen and avoids creating any susceptible seams. It can be applied to specific areas of damage and doesn’t require an entire new gutter system to be installed. Our box gutter repair will last for decades, calls for minimal labor and architectural work, and saves homeowners thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Our Box Gutter Solutions

  • Easy to Repair if Damaged
  • Repair Any Section Size or Size
  • Different Colors Available
  • Much More Affordable vs. Metal
  • Stands Up to Heat, Cold, Ice and Debris
  • Can Be Installed All Year Around
  • Seamless = Less Chance of Leaks
  • No Need to Completely Rebuild Box Gutter

Why Box Gutter Repair is a Necessity

Original box gutter lining is typically made out of metal such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metal or steel. Over time, when this material rusts, corrodes, rots or seams come apart, water that should be flowing through the box gutter will, instead, flow down the soffit, back up onto the roof, soak the wood trim, or begin to saturate an exterior or interior wall. This results in water damage that can cause mold, rot, sagging, stains, or crumbling of the exterior.

Don’t let box gutter leaks damage your home.

ProMaster is skilled in repairing box gutters with a unique, durable, and straightforward solution. Our thermoplastic box gutter liner material will repair even the toughest leaks and save a tremendous amount of money for homeowners.

Why Choose Us for Box Gutter Repair

Because of the complexity, materials, and architectural design of box gutters, repair has typically cost homeowners tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This repair includes only sections of damaged box gutters, not the replacement of box gutter systems, and often results in seams that will erode over time.

ProMaster has developed a system, using an industrial-strength thermoplastic material, to repair box gutters – whether small sections or long runs – without vulnerable seams that will, one day, result in a leak. Our solution saves our customers thousands of dollars.

As a BBB-Accredited Business with an A-Rating on Angie’s List, ProMaster offers quality and expert craftsmen and on-time and professional services. We’d be delighted if you joined the hundreds of satisfied ProMaster customers in the Cincinnati, Milford, and surrounding areas in Ohio!

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To explore what is needed to get your box gutters repaired and functioning as they were designed, just give us a call at (513) 322-2914.

We’ll come out to your home, examine the box gutters, measure the repair areas, and discuss our unique box gutter repair solution.

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