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Brick masonry is one of the tougher construction materials out there; that’s why you see so many modern homes built with bricks and mortar, or at least uses masonry in combination with another material such as aluminum siding. Unfortunately, just like everything else that’s part of a home, expect for sudden cracks to appear or crumbling to occur. These sorts of damage are often disregarded by Cincinnati homeowners as cosmetic, but they can also be the beginning signs of a more serious problem.

Water may be essential to living things, but it can be a nightmare when it gets where it shouldn’t in the house, masonry included. Mixed with cold weather, water can get into small cracks in the masonry, freeze, and expand, causing the cracks to grow larger and more serious. This is why it’s important to deal with those little cracks and so-called cosmetic damaged earlier rather than later.

Can You Perform a Masonry Repair Yourself?

Different sized cracks in walls and concrete blocks pose different sized problems, complicating a Cincinnati home’s masonry repair. Small, hairline cracks can be hard to spot and fill out but are no less important for it. For small cracks like that, using caulking compounds like silicone rubber is the way to go. Instead of a caulking gun, however, try opting for a paint brush with small but stiff bristles and push the rubber gel into the crack so that it’s as tightly packed as you can get it. This sort of approach only works with hairline cracks; larger cracks (anything more than 1/16th of an inch wide) often require a bit more expertise.

For large cracks in masonry, using a patching cement–a mixture of sand and cement that, when mixed with water, becomes a thick paste resembling wet concrete–is the best option. The masonry repair process on larger cracks like this takes a significant more time just for preparation, so make sure you don’t have too much to do the rest of the day. Before using your cement mix, make sure you’ve cleared out any loose or crumbling masonry around the crack. If possible, try to make the crack a little larger inside so that the mixer can be poured in and spread out nicely. Making the interior of the crack wet before pouring in the patching cement is also a good idea to make application simpler.

Get ProMaster to Complete Your Cincinnati Masonry Repair

If you’re at all uncomfortable doing any other described actions above, don’t worry–you’re not alone! Most homeowners don’t have the expertise or confidence to do something like this themselves, and that’s fine–it’s why companies like ProMaster Home Repair exist. Our goal is the make your Cincinnati masonry repair as easy and worry-free for you as possible.

ProMaster Home Repair isn’t the only company that performs masonry repair in Cincinnati, but we are the most ethical and trustworthy. We have confidence in our craftsmen because they’re all multi-disciplined to handle your masonry repair and background-checked to ensure your safety.

  • 2017 Winner of the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics after being a two-time finalist.
  • Named a “Big 50 Award” National Industry Leader by Remodeling Magazine in 2012.
  • Member of Greater Cincinnati and Clermont County Chambers of Commerce.
  • Consistently high reviews across numerous third party platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others.
  • Work with local and nationwide apprenticeship programs like Scarlet Oaks and Praxis that give people a unique opportunity at starting careers in the trade industry.

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