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Cincinnati Roof Leak Repair

A roof is a sort of lifeline to the rest of the house; if it isn’t taken care of properly, it has a negative (and literal) trickle-down effect. Water can get into your home, your drywall, joists, trusses, etc.—onto just about anything that can grow mold. This can turn a relatively minor roof leak repair task into a major home repair project.

One of the most common (if not the most common) roof leak repair we get called out to is related to flashing. Regular wear and tear often necessitates that flashing and shingles get repaired/replaced about every 12-15 years, even though manufacturers claim 15-20 years. It’s not that manufacturers want to mislead their customers; more likely, weather and climate conditions have a greater effect on their products than their test conditions account for.


Most Common Roof Leak Repair in Cincinnati

The main problem we usually see has to do with the roof vents--the rubber gaskets around them fail because they weren’t replaced in time; we usually recommend about every 10 years. If you’ve had work done on your roof relatively recently but are still experiencing leaks or other problems, sometimes flashing is simply installed incorrectly or isn’t sealed well. Check out these warning signs that your roof is about to leak.

A lot of the time, roofs themselves are just installed improperly, resulting in a roof leak. Shingles are nailed in with the wrong nails or not nailed nearly enough, or a drip-edge is installed over the shingles rather than under. This can cause the shingle to lift in the wind and makes way for water to get inside your home.

Skylights are great additions to homes. That said, they can also complicate a roof leak repair or be the cause of one. You can take it to bank: skylights WILL leak. It’s just a matter of time. If you’ve got one approaching 20 years or older, you’re really just pushing your luck. And just because you don’t have water visibly coming in through the ceiling yet doesn’t mean you don’t have a leak.

Suspect a Roof Leak?

If you suspect a leak but aren’t sure, stay home on a rainy day, particularly when the rain is really coming down hard. A driving rain can help determine if there is a leak and how bad it could be. During colder parts of the year, ice dams are a real concern in Cincinnati and often result in requiring a roof leak repair. An ice dam is a blockage made up of ice and snow on the edge of a roof that prevents water from draining.

If you’ve noticed a leak or something that looks suspicious, you should try and deal with it sooner rather than later to avoid any potential risks of leaks and wood rot. Just remember to hire a reliable Cincinnati roof leak repair company that you can count on to fix it properly the first time, someone who warranties their work and has decades of experience repairing roofs across Cincinnati. In other words, a company like ProMaster Home Repair.

We'll let you in on something we probably shouldn't...

We like the fact that those poor roofing service companies exist because, without them, we wouldn't have anything to repair! For roof repair companies like ProMaster Home Repair, small jobs and repairs is how we earn a living.  (More on this subject in my article, Home Improvement’s 7 Deadly Sins)

Why Choose ProMaster for Your Roof Repair?

There are plenty of companies in Cincinnati that offer roof repairs, and some of them aren’t too bad. But if you want

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