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Warning Signs That Your Roof is About to Leak

Warnings Signs that Your Roof is About to Leak

I was listening to “At Home,” with Gary Sullivan on 55KRC this past Saturday, and Gary had a roofing expert on the show who recommends that we inspect our roof every 6 months.  I found it fascinating that he walked his own roof every 6 months to spot damage or signs of trouble.  Ironically, I do the same.

In this business, we see so much costly damage from neglecting to perform this basic home maintenance task.  Roofing problems that are spotted now by an expert and easily resolved can avoid expensive repairs later.  The most common of these problems include cracked, missing or loose shingles, damaged or loose flashing and failed vent boots or other roof components.  Failure of these basic components allows water intrusion and hence, the resulting damage to wood, insulation, drywall and electrical components.

Take a minute to review this post over at Service Magic.  It has some timely and prudent advice that every homeowner should heed… if they want to avoid an unnecessary roof repair.  We are happy to repair major roof damage but are just as happy to inspect the roof and correct any minor deviations too.

From Matt Myers at Service Magic:

“The news that Mount Redoubt, after two months of warnings from the Alaska Volcano Observatory and U.S. Geological Survey, erupted on March 22 solicits only academic interest for anyone not living in the 49th state or planning to fly across the northern-most skies in the upcoming weeks and months. Yet, the warning mechanisms and the lessons of preparation closely parallel eruptions, collapse, and calamity of your home’s roofing system. Here are the warning signs and types of roofing damage that threaten to compromise the all-important peak of your home.”  [READ MORE]

If you need assistance with a roof inspection, troubleshooting a leak, or simply need a minor repair, watch our video and contact us at or call us at (513) 724-0539.

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