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Top 5 Reasons Your Window Leaks When It Rains

window-leaks-when-it-rains-cincinnati-promasterTop 5 Reasons Your Window Leaks When It Rains

Water can do all kinds of damage to a home. While water can enter your home any number of ways, perhaps none is more frustrating to diagnose than leaking windows during rain. If your window leaks when it rains, you should be aware of the possible reasons why. This way, you can knowledgeably discuss the issue with the craftsman who comes to your home to repair your leaking window. Here are ProMaster’s 5 reasons your window leaks when it rains:

Top 5 Reasons Your Window Leaks When It Rains

1) Improper Flashing

Flashing is a material used to create waterproof transitions between different elements of your home’s construction. In the case of windows, flashing can be flexible or rigid, and is “shingled” with (overlaps) the house wrap that lies beneath your home’s siding or brick. If this flashing is missing or improperly installed, your home is susceptible to window leaks when it rains. Any water that gets behind your siding can flow down your house wrap and into the opening where your window is installed. These leaks are often found near the top of your window, though they can appear elsewhere.

2) Bad Angles

Much of the battle against water intrusion is keeping the water away from your window in the first place. This is why you will often see overhangs above windows or door frames. It is also why the window sill should slope away from the window, and not be flat or slope inward. A lack of sufficient overhang or improper angles on your window sills could actually direct water toward your window. Additionally, if the fascia board above your window is angled inward, it could also direct water towards your windows. These are common reasons your window leaks when it rains.

3) Sealant

One of the most common reasons people discover leaking windows during rain is damaged or missing sealant or caulk. Caulking is one of the simplest and most overlooked causes of window leaks. Any damaged caulk around the exterior of the window should be cleared out and replaced with a new bead of silicone caulk. This will ensure that air and moisture can’t get into cracks around the window’s exterior. In addition to stopping window leaks, this will also help keep heating and air conditioning bills lower in the winter and summer months.

4) Condensation

Sometimes the water that you see on your window pane or sill isn’t actually rain at all, it’s condensation. Condensation forms on windows when the warm air inside your home comes in contact with cooler air from outside your home. This is commonly caused by poor insulation around your windows. Additionally you may get condensation between the panes if the seal around your glass is damaged. This will allow the argon gas between the panes of glass to escape, removing a form of insulation from your window. Regardless, condensation can cause damage like rain water. It is also a sign of a poorly insulated or ventilated home.

5) Wall Leaks

It may surprise you, but your window leak might not be a window leak at all. Commonly, homeowners will find water stains on drywall around their windows believing it to be a window problem. Instead they find that the real issue is damage to siding, roofing, or the wall itself that has allowed water to intrude near the window. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a professional craftsman take a look at your specific issue. They will be able to discern what the root of the problem is and how to fix it.

Window Leak Repair in Cincinnati

If you’re finding that your window leaks when it rains, call ProMaster Home Repair! We would love to help you determine the cause of your issue, and make sure it’s fixed right the first time. Our craftsmen are on-time and family-friendly, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure a quality repair to your home. Fill out the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or give us a call at 513-322-2914 to schedule a “Home Repair Hero!”


  1. Johnny Webb says

    We installed some Reliable Built windows in January 2016 and we observed in April 2019 there is water small amount coming from the corner of the one that is a half shape. This occurs when it is not raining outside. I have checked the attic in this area and everything is dry. Any thoughts on what maybe causing this?

    • Jacob Addison says

      Are you noticing any condensation in between the window panes? You could be seeing a leak based on that condensation. It could also be true that the issue isn’t window related at all, as it could be a plumbing issue that is just showing up around your window. If you’re interested in having one of our guys out, feel free to give us a call at 513-322-2914.

  2. Don Thompson says

    Do you have any offices in the South Carolina area? If not, do you have any recommendations for anyone in my area, specifically in or near Myrtle Beach SC?
    Thanks Much!

    • Jacob Addison says

      Sorry, Don, unfortunately we don’t have a location in SC. Not being from there, I don’t have any ideas of who you could call, but I would suggest you try a google search for a reputable handyman/home repair company in your area with strong customer reviews. There are likely some franchise-type companies local to you. All the best in your search!

  3. John R withrow says

    Had two windows put in and they did not put bottom wood ledge at angle so water runs away from house or bad framing. Would like to get price to have them remove and put back in correctly by someone who can stand behind there job. My # is 918-***-**** home after 4 most days.

  4. We have a picture window in the Living Room we had a storm with 100mph winds.
    My wife took picture around the inside of the framing there is rain coming in around the glass.
    What is the cause

    • Jacob Addison says


      Unfortunately, there are literally dozens of reasons why your windows could be leaking in this fashion, from bad seals to missing tyvek wrap to poor caulk jobs. Without seeing it in person it would be hard to say. Are you in the Cincinnati area? If so, we’d be happy to come and take a look at it. Give us a call at 513-322-2914.


  5. I’m in St Petersburg, Florida. We had high wind of 75 miles and heavy rain, my 2 years high impact windows leaked all around, the sealing are perfect, but can’t understand why. The WIndow installer came and checked all seals, they’re in very good condition. What’s my next step

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