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Window Sash Repair

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Window Sash Repair

We make wood windows beautiful again
from window sash replacement to counterbalance repair, we offer every wood window repair service.

Wood Window Repair - Cincinnati, OH Wood windows are the most durable and beautiful windows for any home. Windows made out of wood preserve the historical and traditional feel of the home, add character and definition, and are a statement about the owner.

While wood windows are long lasting, like any window, problems can arise. However, unlike form-fitted vinyl windows, wooden windows can be rebuilt, parts can be replaced, and any aspect can be repaired. The beauty of wood windows can be restored making them stronger and even more superior than the original window.

We Repair and Rebuild Wood Windows to Save You Money

When you experience an issue with your wood windows, it is quite unlikely you will need to buy and install a whole new window. We are experts in replacing old or worn parts, maintaining working parts, and rebuilding or restoring wood window components.

ProMaster believes in preserving the wood window, only rebuilding or replacing what is required, while bringing new life, functionality, and beauty to the window. This approach delivers quality while saving money.

For homes throughout the Cincinnati, OH and Milford, OH area, ProMaster makes, repairs, and rebuilds custom frames, window sashes, casement windows, double-hung windows, and reproduction parts for wood windows. We also repair, replace, and restore counterbalances, cranks, arms, hardware, and glazing.

ProMaster works with quality craftsmen and local wood window experts to not only repair wood windows, replace window sashes, and much more but we make wood windows more beautiful and more resilient.

Get Wood Window Repair Now

Wood Window Services

  • Window Repair
  • Replacement Parts
  • Window Sash Replacement
  • Wood Seal Replacement
  • Trim Repair or Replacement
  • Replacement with Synthetic (if necessary)
  • Counter Balances
  • Double-hung Window Repair

Wood Window Repair is a Necessity

If a wood window rots and nothing is done about it, water can get inside the home and walls. Drywall is damaged, interior framing is damaged, and dampness can set in. What was once a wood window problem has become an issue for the structure of the home. At this stage, not only does the wood window need to be repaired or replaced, but also costs can rapidly increase to repair walls, siding, rot, and possibly mold.

Many homeowners also find that a double-hung wood window that won’t stay open is a big area for failed home inspections. A huge safety hazard, double-hung windows that have a broken counterbalance system are at risk of dropping and can hurt hands, children, or even slam hard enough to cause the glass to shatter. Repairing or replacing a counterbalance or spring balance is a straightforward fix and doesn’t require the entire window to be replaced.

Don’t let the need for wood window repair ruin your home.

ProMaster is expert in wood window repair and restoration. Every day we help homeowners save money by restoring wood windows, replacing or repairing window parts, and refinishing working parts.

Why Choose Us for Wood Window Repair

All day, every day we help homeowners in Cincinnati, OH, Milford, OH, and surrounding areas restore the beauty, safety, and functionality of their homes through wood window repair, window sash replacement, and much more. We are the only company in the Cincinnati area currently offering these unique services.

As a BBB-Accredited Business with an A-Rating on Angie’s List, ProMaster offers qualified and expert craftsmen and on-time and professional service. We’d be delighted if you joined the hundreds of satisfied ProMaster customers in the Cincinnati, Milford, and surrounding areas in Ohio!

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We’ll come out to your home, examine the windows, take measurements, and discuss with you the options for wood window repair or window sash replacement.

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