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How to Remove Wallpaper Without the Frustration

People often say it’s best to spend your life looking forward and not dwell on the past. It’s tough, however, when the past is staring at you every step of the way through your house. While there is no accounting for the interior design preferences of previous generations, that doesn’t mean you have to live with them forever. If having wallpaper in your home is a constant reminder of a bygone era, removing it can be a delightful thought. The process of removing wallpaper, however, can be a nightmare. If you’re wondering how to remove wallpaper the right way, no worries. Our team has put together some tips on how to remove wallpaper that will minimize your frustration.

While some people have five layers of wallpaper on plaster and others have just a border around a bedroom ceiling, removing any wallpaper can be tedious and labor intensive. If you’d rather skip the effort all together and you’re in the Cincinnati area, just contact ProMaster! Our craftsmen are happy to help remove your wallpaper and prep your walls for a fresh coat of paint.

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How to Remove Wallpaper, Step 1: Score the Surface

While some people begin by simply tearing away the wallpaper face, you may leave yourself some extra work by doing so. Instead, use a wallpaper scoring tool to put many small tears in the paper. This will allow water or chemical solvents to reach behind the wallpaper, making the process easier. Use the tool in a circular motion, covering the entirety of the wall.

How to Remove Wallpaper, Step 2: Hot Water & Dish Soap

When you research how to remove wallpaper, you will commonly see people recommending chemical strippers early in the process. It could, however, be better for you and your walls to start with a simpler solution. Fill up a bucket with very hot water (as hot as your rubber-gloved hand can stand) and a small amount of dish soap. Spread hot water around the wall with a sponge or rag and allow to soak for 15 minutes. While you will need to wet the wallpaper thoroughly, you don’t want to over-soak the drywall. Plaster walls can handle a larger amount of moisture.

How to Remove Wallpaper, Step 3: Peel From Edge

Start at an edge or seam and peel the wet wallpaper away from the wall. It likely won’t come off in one big sheet because of the scoring tool, but most of it should be easy to start pulling away.

How to Remove Wallpaper, Step 4: Scrape and Spray

There will be areas of your wall where the paper’s backing, or the entirety of the paper, has not peeled off. Use a putty knife or wallpaper scraper to gently scrape off the remainder. Use caution not to damage the drywall underneath. If the paper will not come off, moisten again with your hot water. If you still can’t remove the wallpaper, use a chemical stripper to moisten it, and scrape gently.

How to Remove Wallpaper, Step 5: Patch and Sand

When you research “how to remove wallpaper,” you probably don’t think you’ll be doing drywall repair, too. It is inevitable, however, that your drywall will suffer minor damage from removing the wallpaper. The paper surface of the drywall may pull off with the wallpaper, or you may accidentally cut into the drywall with a scraper. Regardless, these dings and dents can be repaired with some joint compound and some sandpaper. Fill the damaged areas with drywall joint compound using a putty knife, and flatten the area. When dry, sand with a fine sandpaper. Then you’re ready to paint!

How to Remove Wallpaper? Call ProMaster!

Odds are your wallpaper project won’t be easy, and it will be messy. If you’re just not interested in the hassle or mess, no problem! Simply contact ProMaster Home Repair! Our “Home Repair Heroes” would love to help remove evidence of a previous decade from your home. You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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