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Help! My Window Leaks During Rain

Help! My Window Leaks During Rain!

We at ProMaster have been fixing window leaks for as long as we’ve been in business. Window leaks during rain are often the result of poor window installation or improper home construction, so, as a homeowner, stay on the lookout for water damage and warning signs to prevent costly future repairs. Read on to find out what those warnings signs could be and what to do if you spot any.

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Window Leaks During Rain?

If you suspect or witness a window leak, there are several things you can do to assist your home repair professional with diagnosing and resolving the problem. During the next rain event, ask yourself the following questions and note your observations:

  1. Does the window always leak when it rains? Or does it only leak during a heavy rain shower?
  2. Does the window leak when the rain is being driven by wind from a particular direction?
  3. How long has the window been leaking? Can you identify any event associated with the first time you noticed the window leak? (i.e. significant storm, ice event, extreme winds, etc.)
  4. Has the window leak worsened? Or has it remained consistent over time?
  5. Have you attempted to stop the leak? If so, what has been done? Has that helped?
  6. If you can obtain this information, find out who built your home and when it was constructed.

Providing this information can make the handyman’s job easier and his repair more effective. It can also help determine correct parts and materials if need be and, more importantly, if your leak is still covered by warranty.

Spotting Window Leaks

A window leak can look different from how you might imagine. The most obvious, of course, is water and visible moisture on the window or around it. But if you see anything like the pictures below, you might have a bigger problem.

The good news is you don’t have to panic. A talented home repair expert can get to the bottom of any leak, isolate it, and solve the problem.

The bad news is that the longer something like wood rot and mold growth goes unattended, the worse things will get, not just for your home but for your wallet too.

What many homeowners don’t realize is that window leaks during rain are often the result of improper home construction or poorly installed windows. Solutions like caulk may keep some water out but they leave the real problem unaddressed, leading to more extensive and even structural repairs down the road.

Bigger Problems Than Just Window Leaks

Your window leak can be the cause of a lot of things, and one cause many homeowners overlook is the box gutter. If you’ve ever had box gutter issues in the past and suffer from unexplained window leaks, your box gutter may be to blame.

Click here to check out our page on box gutter repair and find out more!

Help For Solving Window Leaks

If you are in the Cincinnati area and need help resolving a problem with your windows, ProMaster Home Repair of Cincinnati is here to help!

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  1. Lia Alexander says

    Once I find out the builder of my home. What do I need to do next?

    • Lia-
      See if you builder has any sort of warranty for the problem you are having. Some builders have extended the normal warranty on a window (of you have a leak) due to know defects by their subcontractors. In addition, if your repair contractor knows who built the home, it sometimes clues them in to what techniques and materials were originally used, helping to identify the problem.

  2. I’m in need of a window leak repair. Wall damage repair in the room is needed as well. Would your company be able to assist me if they can help with a quote ?

    • Jacob Addison says

      Hi Mike,

      Sorry to hear you’re having this issue. We do these repairs all the time, and would be happy to assist you if you live in the Cincinnati area. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your specific situation: 513-322-2914


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