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Top 5 Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking: Minor Roof Leak Repair in Cincinnati

Top 5 Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking: Minor Roof Leak Repair in Cincinnati

Spring and summer rains make everything around us green and beautiful. They also tend to alert us to existing issues with our homes’ weather-readiness. Roof leaks can be a major pain, but they don’t always mean a major repair. In fact, most roof leaks stem from small issues that may require only minor roof leak repair. If you need a new roof, mind you, there is no minor fix to create a long-term solution. When your roof’s life isn’t over, however, it can be a pain trying to figure out why you have a new water stain on your ceiling, or worse, how to fix it. To help streamline that process and give you some peace of mind, here are ProMaster’s top 5 reasons that your roof is leaking:

Reason #1: Flashing

Flashing is a material often made of metal that prevents water from penetrating into places where two different surfaces meet. This can be around chimneys, in your roof’s valleys, or where your roof meets an adjoining wall. When your roof’s flashing separates from one of the surfaces, or is damaged in some way, water can often find its way in. Fixing broken or missing flashing is the most common minor roof leak repair we perform in the Cincinnati area. Homeowners can save themselves a lot of trouble (and money) by checking their flashing when investigating signs of a leak.

Reason #2: Vents & Boots

You may have noticed different types of fixtures atop your home. Sometimes they can look like a small pipe, and other times a small plastic box. Some are even metal and spin. All of these are different types of vents used to pull air or gases from your attic, bathrooms, HVAC system, or even appliances. No matter what the vent’s purpose, they can become damaged and cause water to enter your home. Vent boots are often the culprit behind a leak. These plastic or rubber items cover a pipe, sealing the area where it emerges from the roof. Over time vent boots can warp or crack, creating opportunities for rain to find its way into your attic or ceiling. Sometimes vent boots simply need to be caulked, while other times they must be replaced entirely. Neither of these roof repairs is a major job, and you can do both in “do-it-yourself” fashion if you’re the handy type.

Reason #3: Clogged Gutters

Nobody likes cleaning their gutters. Failing to clean your gutters, however, can cause your roof major problems. When a gutter is filled with leaves and debris, water has less room inside the gutter to flow. When the water tries to flow toward the downspout, it will carry leaves and granules from the roof with it.  Quickly, the downspout will become clogged and the water in the gutter will back up. Much of that water will overflow the gutters and end up around your foundation (which can also be a nightmare). Some of it, though, could overflow under your roofing. Cleaning your gutters every year is an absolute must for all Cincinnati homeowners. This will prevent damage to your foundation, soffit & fascia, and roof leaks.

Reason #4: Popped Nails

popped-nails-roof-leak-promaster-cincinnati“Popped Nails” may sound like a 1980’s Euro band, but it’s actually one of the main reasons you’ll find water invading your home. Nail heads that were meant to hold down the shingles on your roof often become raised up from changes in temperature or humidity. Some nails pop up because they weren’t ever driven into the wood sheathing properly to begin with. Regardless of the cause, popped nails can present an issue for your home’s weather-readiness. Not only do the dislodged nails allow the original nail hole to receive water, but they also elevate the shingle that overlaps the one into which they are driven. This can create all sorts of opportunity for heavy, wind-driven rain to find its way under your shingles, and through your roof. The good news is that this is a very simple fix, but you should use caution to ensure that you don’t damage your shingles when driving the nails back down.

Reason #5: Missing Shingles

Perhaps there is no greater threat to your roof than wind. Once a strong wind gets underneath the shingles of your roof, they can easily pull said shingle away, nails and all. Other times shingles can become missing because a branch or animal has torn the shingle. Regardless, some missing shingles are not a reason to rush into putting a new roof on your home. Even though missing shingles can allow rain into your home, this problem sometimes necessitates only a minor roof leak repair. Simply slide a new row of shingles up and under an existing row, and nail both rows back in appropriately.

Use Caution!

Many people are nervous about getting on a ladder to inspect their roof, and rightfully so. Falls from a height of 10 feet or more are prone to cause serious injury or worse. If that’s you, we invite you to schedule service with ProMaster, Cincinnati’s on-time and family-friendly home repair company. We would love to handle your minor roof leak repair in Cincinnati. Give us a call at 513-322-2914, or use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page to find out more.


  1. Christian Morales says:

    Thanks for the tips. At least, I can check the roof every weekend to see the problem on the shingle.

    As long as I can do on my own, I’ll do. If not, I call a service to repair the shingles.

  2. Sariah Meagle says:

    If flashing as you mentioned is a reason why my roof is leaking lately, I’ll have someone address it right away. I was not aware that clogged gutters as you pointed out could also be a cause so I’ll check to see if it applies to me. Since you said that missing shingles need to be repaired, I’ll contact a professional to help me stop the leaks before summer comes.

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