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Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati to Prevent Water Damage

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati to Prevent Water Damage

Nobody likes gutter cleaning in Cincinnati. Failing to clean your gutters, however, will leave you with a backed-up gutter system. When a gutter is filled with leaves and debris, water has less room inside the gutter to flow. When the water tries to flow toward the downspout, it will carry leaves and granules from the roof with it.  Quickly, the downspout will become clogged and the water in the gutter will back up.

When water backs up in a filled-up gutter, only bad things follow.  Heavy rain will cause the gutter to overflow, sending water straight towards your foundation, causing basement leaks and water damage.  Overflowing gutters can also send water back into the soffit, causing wood rot and water damage inside your house. Gutter cleaning in Cincinnati is very important due to both our various weather conditions and the age of many homes in our area.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati Requires Caution

Many people are nervous about getting on a ladder to clean their gutters, and rightfully so. Falls from a height of 10 feet or more are prone to cause serious injury or worse. If that’s you, we invite you to schedule service with ProMaster, Cincinnati’s on-time and family-friendly home repair company. We would love to handle your Cincinnati gutter cleaning needs.

If you do choose to clean your own gutters, be sure to use caution. Follow the instructions provided by your ladder manufacturer, and make sure you have someone with you to stabilize the ladder. Never lean away from your ladder, and only use your ladder on dry days.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati, Step 1:

If your gutters have any type of gutter guard, be sure to remove them carefully. Use caution to avoid damaging your roof or your gutters in the process.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati, Step 2:

Have a plan for how to deal with removed debris. This could mean that you lay a tarp or drop cloth below the area you’re cleaning. Alternatively, you can hang a bucket from your ladder to hold cleared debris.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati, Step 3:

Using your hands or a gutter scoop, clear leaves, branches, or roof granules from your gutter. Having several dry days in a row before cleaning your gutters is helpful. Dry debris is easier to clear from your gutter.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati, Step 4:

Using a spray attachment for your garden hose, spray inside the gutter to clear additional debris. Make sure the water is flowing toward the downspout.

Gutter Cleaning in Cincinnati, Step 5:

Check the bottom of your downspouts to ensure water is flowing. If you see signs of a clog, feed your garden hose up the downspout. The force of the hose and the flowing water should help clear the downspout of debris.

Yes, gutter cleaning in Cincinnati isn’t always fun, but it is necessary to keep your home in good shape. If you need a hand, be sure to schedule service with ProMaster, or call 513-322-2914 for more info.



  1. Tristian says

    I just wanted to say I read your article about cleaning your gutters and how to much water running down the downspout can damage your foundation and say kudos to your blog! Finally a company who understands the importance of water control not doing damage to the foundation. As a foundation repair company we see this everyday and just a helpful piece of advice to your customers on your blog, make sure to tell them to carry water away at least 15 feet with an extender! Good blog. Tristian

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