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Conserving Energy With a Whole House Fan: Save Money on Cooling

Conserving Energy With a Whole House Fan: Save Money on Cooling

It’s summer in Cincinnati, and that means that you’re probably running your air conditioner pretty regularly. Even with the AC running, however, your house can still have trouble keeping cool. Many people with a two-story home find that their second level is far warmer than their first – even with the AC cranking. There is a way, however, to save money on cooling costs while keeping your house cool and comfortable. Many homeowners are conserving energy with a whole house fan.

What is a whole house fan?


Whole House Fan Installation

A whole house fan is a ventilation system designed to keep your home cool at a fraction of the cost of the average AC unit. A fan is installed in the ceiling on the highest livable level of a home. This fan pulls cooler air from outside of the home to the inside, venting warmer air into the attic, and outside of the home through various types of attic vents.

When do you use a whole house fan?


How it Works…

Anytime the outside of a home is cooler than the inside of a home, that’s a great time to save money on cooling with a whole house fan. In many moderate climates, this is most true after the sun goes down. Strategically opening windows in the home allows the cooler air from outside of the home to be pulled into the home, often cooling it by ten degrees or more. Most whole house fans can actually pull over 1000 cubic feet of air through your home every minute. Warm air trapped in your home during the day is removed from the home and replaced by significantly cooler air.

Can a whole house fan save me money?

Conserving energy with a whole house fan is a great way to save money on cooling costs. Most whole house fans use less than 10% of the energy utilized by a typical air conditioning unit. And while you will probably still run your AC during the hottest parts of a long summer day, you will be spending far less money on cooling your home. Your evening and overnight cooling will be provided by your whole house fan, and the effects of that cooling will last well into the morning. Many homeowners find themselves saving between 50% and 90% on their cooling costs, depending on their climate and other factors. That can really add up over the months and years.

How much does a whole house fan cost?

A typical whole house fan runs anywhere from $500 to $1300. This depends on the amount of air the fan can circulate and the size of the home for which it is intended. Installation will run you even more, but many people tackle installation as a DIY project. If you don’t feel like that’s a project you’d like to undertake, just give ProMaster a call, and we’ll be happy to get your home cooled off in no time.

Conserving Energy With a Whole House Fan

So don’t waste your money by constantly running your air conditioner. Save money on cooling your home with the installation of a whole house fan. If you’d like, ProMaster’s “Home Repair Heroes” can take care of installation for you, just call 513-322-2914, schedule service online, or use the form at the bottom of this page to make an appointment or find out more information. Stay cool!

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