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From Old and Dated to Bright and Updated: Cincinnati Basement Remodel [Video]


ProMaster recently had the opportunity to work on a Cincinnati Basement Remodel on the east side in Milford. The home’s basement had been finished in the 1970s, and it looked every bit the part. Jamie and his crew took this basement from old and dated to bright and updated! Watch the video below and keep reading to find out more about this fun project.

Cincinnati Basement Remodel


About this Cincinnati Basement Remodel

cincinnati-basement-remodel-promaster-bathroom“When we first went to this basement,” says Jamie Spencer, a ProMaster Craftsman, “it was really dark and it was almost like walking into a dungeon.” Jamie’s not wrong. Looking every bit like the era from which it came, the walls were covered in dark wood paneling, and limited can lighting with occasional fluorescent fixtures kept the basement dimly lit. The brown brick on both the fireplace and bar were great features. When paired with the brown walls, however, it made the room feel even darker. The drop ceiling was very low in areas where plumbing would need to be re-routed or the ceiling would need to be more tightly framed around duct-work.

The bathroom was, perhaps, the most dated part of this former rumpus room. Covered in a gold and brown velvet wallpaper, and constrained by small dimensions, it felt like a relic from a bygone era.

In coordination with the homeowner, Jamie and his crew started this Cincinnati basement remodel.

The demo process was a quick one. “We went in,” says Jamie, “and tore all of the drop ceiling out. We tore all of the old paneling out, tore the whole bathroom out. Removed the brick bar, tore the cabinets out.”

The team framed out a new layout with a larger bathroom and new bedroom entry. They increased the headroom wherever possible. Jamie and his crew installed 25 new LED recessed lights before finishing the new drywall ceiling. Around a thousand square feet of luxury vinyl tile was installed, and there were new interior doors and molding throughout. One of those new doors was a pocket door that led into the new bathroom, featuring a new shower, toilet, vanity, mirror and lighting. The entire basement was painted a soft gray with white trim, allowing the once morbid looking fireplace to really stand out. Once surrounded by dark paneling and dark cabinets, it now was surrounded by custom, white cabinetry built by Jamie.

“When we were finished we had really brightened everything up,” says Jamie. “It felt like a livable space that could be used for a lot of different things.”

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  1. Christine R Castelino says

    Looks so much brighter! Did you also waterproof the basement? If so, how?

    • Jacob Addison says

      It sure does look brighter, Christine. The basement was waterproofed by a professional basement waterproofing company before began the project (installed french drains, excavated and waterproofed exterior of foundation, etc.). If you’ll notice, the carpet has been removed in our “before” photos. That’s why. It can be a pretty expensive proposition, and sometimes even overkill, but the homeowner has a general certainty that their basement is not going to leak.

  2. Gregory Ivanov says

    Both versions look good; the old and the new. I personally like the new and old versions of the basement the same. I do not get why faux wood paneling looks bad. I grew up around this kind of wood paneling and I do not feel bothered by it whatsoever.

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