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Heated Bathroom Floors? Yes, Please!

On a cold winter morning, that first step onto your bathroom tile can be a rough one. The thought of putting foot to freezing tile can make anyone hang out in bed just a little bit longer. What if there was a way, however, to keep both your floor and your bathroom cozy and warm all winter long? Well, it turns out that heated bathroom floors are a great solution for keeping your entire bathroom comfortable throughout those long, cold months. There are both electric and water based systems to install under your tile that could be the right solution for you. Here are just a few reasons you may want to look into installing heated bathroom floors in your home.

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Even Distribution of Heat

Space heaters and heat ducts are great, but they don’t do the best job of heating an entire room evenly. The heat provided quickly ascends to the ceiling, and your room is basically heated from the top down. This is one reason that your tile floor gets so cold in the winter. Radiant heated bathroom floors, however, radiate heat evenly across the room. This means that, although the heat still goes toward the ceiling, it does so in a slower manner. It also heats from the entire surface of the floor, not a 1 square foot area in a corner or near an outlet. This allows your bathroom to remain comfortable both overhead and below the knee.

Installing New Tile

If you’re considering installing new tile in your bathroom in the near future, now is the perfect time to think about installing radiant heated bathroom floors. Because the heating system is installed under your flooring, it’s not a job you can complete without removing your existing flooring. If that old tile is already coming up, however, you should seriously consider installing a radiant heat system before laying the new floor.

Cost Efficiency

There is definitely added material and labor costs involved in installing radiant heated bathroom floors. That cost, however, could come back to you in the form of energy savings down the road. Studies have shown that there is an average savings of 15% using radiant flooring systems as opposed to other traditional solutions. What’s more, installing a smart thermostat on your bathroom wall will allow you to program what times of the day you want the room heated, meaning you’re not wasting energy in a room you’re not using.

Works Under All Types of Flooring

Maybe one of the best things about heated bathroom floors is that you can install these systems below any type of flooring. This means if you have vinyl plank flooring or even want to extend the heated flooring into your carpeted walk-in closet, they’ll both work out great. Because these radiant floor systems only need to heat into the mid-80’s Fahrenheit, they won’t damage your vinyl, hardwood, or carpet.

Heated Bathroom Floors? Yes, Please!

Keep your feet toasty and warm this winter. Install heated bathroom floors in your home! If you’d like more information, just hail a ProMaster “Home Repair Hero” today! You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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