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How to Know if You Need Box Gutter Repair

What do you need to know about box gutter repair as a Cincinnati homeowner?

Most importantly, you need to know what to look for to know your box gutters need repair. That’s why you’re here!

ProMaster has served customers for more than 15 years with their Cincinnati box gutter repair – what are the most common signs of box gutter damage we see with our customers?

Rotting soffit and fascia

While wood rot can occur on your home’s soffit and fascia for many reasons, this damage can be one of the most visible signs of leaking box gutters.

Your home’s soffit, also often called an eave, is located directly underneath where your gutters sit on your home. Even if you have a multi-story home, you can likely examine your home’s soffit from ground level.

For more information about the areas of your home’s roofline, click here or the image above to learn from Master Craftsman Adam Crowell.

If that soffit is beginning to sag or show signs of discoloration, you may be in the early stages of a leak.

If that soffit is showing signs of structural damage, the leak has likely persisted to the point of needing a speedy repair. 

You can also see similar damage on the fascia of your home, which covers the side of the exterior of your gutters.

The image below is an extreme example – but this is the sort of wood rot damage that can occur because of a box gutter leak!

Interior plaster or drywall damage

Plaster or drywall damage on the interior of your home seems less-than-intuitive when considering a possible box gutter leak on the exterior of your home.

However, because your box gutters are built into your home’s roofline, water can unfortunately find its way into your house.

You’ll find this water damage where your ceiling meets your wall in an exterior-facing room of your house. Often, this damage will need plaster repair because many homes built with box gutters also utilize plaster on interior walls because of materials used during that time period (1890 to 1930).

What will you see to recognize that damage? It will typically start with discoloration and then causing bubbling and flaking to the plaster that will eat away at the material, like in the picture below.

Plaster damage prior to box gutter repair in Cincinnati, OH.

How to handle your Cincinnati box gutter repair

There are numerous options for sorting out your home’s box gutter repair – unfortunately, almost none of them are inexpensive.

You can opt to remove your box gutters – there are a handful of companies who will do this and add traditional gutters onto your home. 

However, this is an intensive process that can also impact your home’s roof and cost in the range of $50,000, depending on the size of your home.

You can opt to patch your box gutters – they are certainly the most cost-effective options, but chances are those gutters will be leaking again in 6-12 months. Those patches are ultimately delaying the inevitable repair.

You can even opt to re-line your gutters with tar or another metal lining. The gutters were originally made with welded metal and many gutters feature a tar or rubber lining to keep them from leaking.

However, those metal seams will fail and so will the rubber lining – those materials deteriorate.

Where does that leave you?

At ProMaster, we feel we’ve fashioned one of the longest-lasting, most cost-effective solutions to box gutter repair.

We use a thermoplastic PVC liner that is heat-welded together to create a seamless box gutter lining that won’t fail like metal or rubber linings, and is more cost-effective than removing or replacing your box gutters.

Visit our box gutter repair page or watch our box gutter repair overview to learn more!

If you need box gutter repair in Cincinnati, don’t wait to call our Home Repair Heroes out to help.

How to Schedule an Evaluation

ProMaster has a standard service call charge of $79 for the time and travel cost to get a Home Repair Hero to your property. We can diagnose a problem and complete multiple project estimates for that fee of $79. No additional service charges apply when you invite us back to complete your projects.

Your meeting will be with a professional craftsman who is an employee of our company. He won’t be a subcontractor. He won’t be a salesperson. He’ll show up on time to give you your estimate.

Once you confirm your evaluation date and time, we’ll send you emails with more information about ProMaster. Your craftsman will call to introduce himself prior to your meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions you may have.

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