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The Best Cincinnati Home Remodels and Repairs for the Money

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Potential customers call our ProMaster Home Repair office with lots of great questions about how to perform the best Cincinnati home remodels and repairs.

But in some form or fashion, most of those questions lead back ultimately to one question: is this worth it?

Home repairs, and especially home remodels, often require a sizable investment. They aren’t cheap, and when they are, you risk sacrificing quality and end up with more headaches and more money down the drain.

So how should you spend your money to get the most bang for your buck? Remodeling Magazine seeks to answer that question with its annual Cost vs. Value report. The report breaks down standard home remodel projects nationally, regionally, and locally to compare average costs.

But not only that, the report also measures the average cost recouped for the customer upon re-selling their home.

This drills down to that idea of value – if you’re going to spend money on a Cincinnati home remodel or repair, make it worth it by:

  1. Hiring a quality company who will complete your project professionally on time and on budget and will communicate expectations well with you.
  2. Selecting small to mid-range home remodeling and repair projects in order to ensure the highest percentage of value recouped.

Why are Small to Mid-Range Cincinnati Home RemodelProjects Better for Recouping Value?

When examining the full Cost vs. Value report for 2022, you’ll find larger remodeling projects (owner’s suite remodels, upscale kitchen remodels, etc.) impact resale value less than small to mid-range projects.

Remodeling Magazine provides an excellent explanation: large-scale projects like these frequently feature products that have strong individualized tastes.

Fixtures, wallpaper, and other design choices can vary widely from one homeowner to the next. How does this impact recouping value?

“Because of the vast differences in aesthetic tastes, real estate brokers know that one person’s elegant new kitchen or bath may be viewed by other prospective buyers as unappealing, overstated, or otherwise in need of a reset.”

Remodeling Magazine

With that said, we’ve included some of Remodeling’s top projects to recoup value in the Cincinnati area through 2022 – projects that you can hail a ProMaster Home Repair Hero to complete if you desire!

Vinyl Siding Replacement and Repair

Approximate cost recouped in Cincinnati area: 80%

Cincinnati Home Remodel - Vinyl Siding Repair ProMaster

Why: In the age of Zillow photos and buyers seeking to make quick decisions on buying a home, curb appeal is critical. While vinyl siding can serve as a great material for the exterior of your home, it can also show damage and disrepair easily.

Homeowners who see damaged or missing siding may be less likely to go over the top in their final bid. That damage can also lead to issues with water intrusion and more that will make potential buyers wary.

What to do: If it’s a small area where siding needs to be reattached or replaced, that can often result in a fairly inexpensive, fairly quick fix. Our ProMaster craftsmen handle siding repair on a very regular basis

If you need a full siding replacement, calling a local siding company like American WeatherTechs would serve as a great place to start.

Wood/Vinyl Window Replacement and Repair

Approximate cost recouped in Cincinnati area: 67.5% for vinyl, 76% for wood

Why: Believe it or not, many buyers notice windows quickly once inside a potential home. This often happens for two reasons:

  1. Buyers look out windows to envision the amount of natural light in the home, as well as the potential view to surrounding neighbors.
  2. Since 2020, windows have been one of the main products affected by supply shortages. Most people don’t put window replacement at the top of their list of desired repairs. So if the windows look new, that will put the potential buyer at ease.

New windows also usually increase energy efficiency. As prices for all services continue to rise, even a potentially lower energy bill can factor in buying decisions.

What to do: If your windows are damaged, first check your window warranty with the company that made your windows. While this may be fruitless, it can result in a lot of saved money for you if your warranty covers the damage.

If this isn’t an option, window companies can be hesitant to get involved, making a handyman company a great choice for repair or replacement.

Minor Kitchen Remodel – Midrange

Approximate cost recouped in Cincinnati area: 75.8%

Why: Minor kitchen remodels actually recoup value better than you might expect. Remodeling explains it well:

“The minor kitchen remodel ranks high because most prospective buyers who are trying on a new home ask: ‘Can I live with this kitchen until we build back our savings and we can create our dream kitchen?’ If the answer is yes, they are much more likely to meet the seller’s price, or even bid higher.”

Remodeling Magazine
Cincinnati Home Remodel - Kitchen Counter Before and After

Minor kitchen remodels can encompass lots of options. It can mean fully gutting and remodeling a small kitchen or refacing one or two aspects of the kitchen. New cabinets, countertops, or flooring on their own can give a kitchen more visual appeal and increase value.

What to do: Some remodeling companies work well for kitchen remodels, especially on large-scale, high-end kitchen projects. For those who don’t fit into that category, ProMaster employs highly-skilled craftsmen with years of experience in the Cincinnati home remodel world that you won’t find at other handyman companies.

Deck Addition – Composite/Wood

Approximate cost recouped in Cincinnati area: 71.5% for wood, 73.5% for composite

Cincinnati Home Remodel deck build ProMaster Home Repair Before and After.

Why: Ah, decks. Perhaps everyone’s favorite Cincinnati home remodel project because of the good times it represents: hanging out in the outdoors, spending time with family, grilling delicious burgers. You get the idea.

Many factors combine to inform your deck-building decision, including whether to use composite or wood decking. Read more about that in the ProMaster Blog.

But the why for this one goes back to the exterior appearance of the home, similar to vinyl siding. If the deck is newly built and in great shape, homeowners can visualize all of those good times and the offer value goes up.

If the deck is older and in disrepair, homeowners instead visualize the expense involved in repairing or even replacing the deck.

What to do: Contact a local deck builder who can provide costs and options for decking addition or replacement. It’s another project ProMaster’s Home Repair Heroes would love to help with – recently named our company one of the best deck builders and remodelers in Cincinnati!

Bathroom Remodel – Midrange

Approximate cost recouped in Cincinnati area: 67.7%

ProMaster Bathroom Remodel Before and After with Walk-In Shower

Why: Bathroom remodels fall underneath a similar category as mid-range kitchen remodels. For potential home buyers, seeing an updated master or other bathroom can allow a homeowner to make that high offer with the knowledge they can easily customize at a later date.

Bathroom updates are also critical because of the possibility of water damage or leaks. Keeping these areas not only aesthetically pleasing

but also watertight will save a lot of headaches during home inspections prior to closing dates.

What to do: Similar to kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and repairs can be made more efficient by working with a quality handyman company to reduce wait times and still deliver quality work on time and on budget.

Looking for a Cincinnati home remodel and repair contractor? Give ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman a call or contact us online.

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