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Essential Business: Why being a “Family-Friendly” Service Company is More Important Than Ever

ProMaster Home Repair has long been known as “Cincinnati’s on-time & family-friendly Home Repair Heroes.” Today, as we face ever-growing health concerns and changing social behaviors, having “family-friendly” service companies is more important than ever. Your home doesn’t care that Coronavirus has disrupted nearly every aspect of your life. When your roof is leaking or your soffit has rotted, it still needs to be fixed. So, what should you pay attention to stay safe in times like these when inviting a service company to your home? How has ProMaster Home Repair committed to being “family-friendly” at a time when health concerns are at an all-time high?

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ProMaster is following all CDC recommendations and guidelines

The steps that our federal and state governments are asking us to take as a society are continually changing. As an “Essential Business” under our state’s “Stay at Home” order, however, ProMaster continues to follow the provided guidelines from the CDC and state health officials. This includes the following:

  • Craftsmen are keeping a six-foot distance between themselves and homeowners during evaluations
  • Project crews include fewer than six individuals on each job
  • Craftsmen take their temperature each morning
  • Craftsmen with signs of illness or exposed to illness are not in the field
  • Craftsmen regularly wash and/or sanitize their hands

ProMaster’s use of technology reduces personal interaction

We’re all likely aware of how much “stuff” we interact with as we go about our daily business. Touching things means touching whatever germs, bacteria, or viruses are on those things. ProMaster’s use of technology reduces the amount of physical interaction a homeowner has to have with a craftsman or associated business tools.

  • Evaluations, estimates, and other pieces of company information are e-mailed, eliminating the need for physical paper copies
  • Contracts can be e-signed, meaning no shared handling of paperwork, pens, etc.
  • Payment can be made at a project’s completion over the phone or online, thus reducing the handling of cash or credit cards

Homeowners don’t need to be home while work is being completed

Each spring and summer, ProMaster does a ton of outdoor work. Homeowners are typically very comfortable with a service company performing exterior repairs while they’re not home. Interior repairs, however, can be a different story. Let’s face it – the home repair industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation for trust-worthiness (thanks, Craiglist). ProMaster Home Repair, however, goes the extra mile to ensure that homeowners feel that their families and possessions are safe. If you feel like you would rather be elsewhere when a repair is being completed, consider the following:

  • All ProMaster craftsmen are drug-tested and criminally background-checked
  • ProMaster Home Repair is insured and bonded, providing you with peace of mind regarding damage or loss
  • Our ProMaster craftsmen are easily reachable by the cell phone number provided in e-mail correspondence, meaning you can discuss the ongoing project from another part of town or even another room.

ProMaster is the “family-friendly” choice

If health concerns have you concerned about having necessary repairs to your home completed, you can feel good knowing ProMaster operates with your safety in mind. Contact ProMaster today! You can schedule online, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of this page, or call 513-322-2914.

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