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Deck Dry Rot Repair in Mason, OH [Video]

Deck Dry Rot Repair in Mason, Ohio

Dry rot (also called “wood rot”) is one of the most common problems we at ProMaster are called out to repair, so much so that we sometimes consider calling ourselves the “Wood Rot Guys.”

Originally, our craftsman Doug was called out to replace a few boards on this deck, but after tearing them off he realized how much rotted wood there was. To make things worse, the homeowner needed the deck for an upcoming party and putting that much weight on that much rot would spell disaster.

Our guys got to work and finished the deck in a week; check it out below!

Deck Dry Rot Repair Video


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What Dry Rot is & How to Spot it…


Rotted Decking

One of the most dangerous aspects of it is how difficult it can be to spot, especially to the untrained eye.

Dry rot develops when water gets trapped on or inside the wood where it interacts with a fungus called Serpula Lacrymans. The fungus quite literally eats away at the wood from the inside, making it brittle and affecting its load-bearing capacity. On a second-story deck like the one in our video, that can easily lead to collapse.

Because wood rot develops from inside the wood, it isn’t immediately visible. You’re more likely to see wood warping or mold before the dry rot itself becomes too apparent. A rotten plank, for instance, can look almost normal until it falls apart in your hands, or worse, under your weight. Spotting dry rot before then and addressing it with a proper dry rot repair is the best way to avoid a major repair down the road.


Mold Growth

It’s important to spot dry rot as soon as possible. Though it doesn’t affect masonry, dry rot can spread through brick and mortar to reach hard-to-reach parts of your home and even begin causing problems on the inside of your home.

The first thing to keep an eye out for when inspecting your home is discoloration on any wooden parts of the home that would be exposed to moisture regularly–an unroofed deck or porch, soffit and fascia board under the gutter, exterior wooden stairs, etc. Look for a dark brown discoloration or mold forming on the surface (see image). Dry rot fungus absorbs water that’s inside wood so look for any piece that may be warped or shrunken. Paint can often cover up many of these indications so look for misshapen or shriveling wood. If you’ve got a razor or small screwdriver handy, use it to test the softness of any suspicious wood. If it’s rotted, it should look something like the clip below.

Get Your Deck’s Dry Rot Repaired

Taking proper care of your deck is a no-brainer for homeowners who want to ensure the longevity and resale value of their home. Investing in a quality deck is a remodel that offers a higher return on investment than many other types of remodels for Cincinnati homeowners, according to Cost Vs. Value.

Though this deck stretched almost the length of the home, the only part of it that required dry rot repair was the unroofed section. This is due to the fact that exposure to moisture is what causes wood rot to develop in the first place. Poor flashing, improper construction, and animal damage are some common reasons water may be getting where it shouldn’t, and those problems need to be dealt with as well. That’s why our craftsmen are multi-discipline–so they can repair all these problems in one instead of forcing you to hire multiple contractors. Each of our guys is trained in a variety of repair services.


The On-Time Professionals

That’s just one reason to choose ProMaster for your deck dry rot repair. Read our reviews and check out some of our other content to find out all the other reasons why ProMaster might be the handyman you’ve been looking for! As a BBB-Accredited Business with an A-Rating on Angie’s List, ProMaster offers quality and expert craftsmen and on-time and professional services. We’d be delighted if you joined the hundreds of satisfied ProMaster customers in the Cincinnati, Milford, and surrounding areas in Ohio!

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