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Porch Remodeling in Hyde Park, OH [Video]

Porch Remodeling – Hyde Park, OH

Our craftsmen have been hard at work all spring on porch remodels just like this one that Fred recently finished. Check it out!

Porch Remodeling Video


As Fred put it, that was pretty dramatic! The porch remodeling took just under a week but came out looking excellent at the end.

When our craftsmen first arrived, wood rot was already eating through the foundation and the porch roof was sagging on the sides, something our guys didn’t discover until they removed the columns. To make matters worse, the middle column, which was holding up almost the entire roof, was only supported by a rotting 2×4. Not good!


Our craftsman fixed the alignment issue, installed new fiberglass porch columns, reinforced them with concrete footers, and reconstructed the decking underneath the porch with pressure treated wood. We then replaced the entire porch floor with composite boards so that the homeowner wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of the problems that brought us out in the first place.

Porch Remodeling with Composite Boards


Original Porch Boards

At ProMaster, we’re always trying to innovate and find the best ways to serve our customers. That’s why we’ve recently been offering and recommending wood-polymer composite boards over traditional wood for a number of reasons.

While there is nothing wrong going the traditional route and using wood, in our opinion the industrial improvements to construction materials over the years have really come a long way. For instance, composite boards are in general tougher than wood boards while also being more weather resistant.


Composite Board Placement

The composite boards we use for porch remodeling are an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. They’re made from combining wood and plastic fibers together using a binding agent, making it denser than typical boards. Their added density makes them unlikely to crack and split like regular wood is prone to do. They’re also insect- and stain-resistant, which means they require less regular maintenance compared to typical alternatives.

Composite boards are often available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors so that your new porch can match the rest of your home!

If you’re looking for something that requires less maintenance and can last for years, composite is the way to go!

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Porch Remodel or Repair? We Do Both!


Foundation Wood Rot

The primary difference between a repair and a remodel is the desired outcome. The purpose of a repair is to return something back to a serviceable state typically using original construction methods. If part of your porch rail comes loose, or you spot some peeling paint, you probably just need a simple repair, something that an eager homeowner can handle if he/she is inclined to. But if you feel your porch bending under your weight, or see indications of extensive wood rot, you may need something more considerable, something like the porch remodeling from our video.

Porch remodeling is often much more extensive than repair. The porch in our porch remodeling video was falling apart when we arrived and in desperate need of reconstruction. After tearing off the boards our craftsmen discovered that parts of the wooden decking were entirely destroyed by wood rot. Over the years (and due to improper construction and/or maintenance), moisture has been able to reach the underneath decking and start the rotting process.

If this porch had not been reconstructed, it was surely in danger of collapsing in the near future.

Porch Remodeling & More

As Cincinnati’s premiere home repair company, we do a lot more than just porch remodeling. Got a home improvement project you’ve been putting off or just aren’t comfortable handling yourself? Call a Home Repair Hero!

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  1. Brilliant job! results are unbelievable, porch has completely transformed for the better. Hats off to your hard working team.But was this repair expensive, since you discovered quite a few issues in between? How much did the cost escalated?

    • Thank you Ron! Fred and the team really are incredible guys and super talented. This porch remodel was certainly a lot of work, but no surprises that our guys couldn’t repair in the process of remodel.

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