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Five Best Handyman Blogs for DIY Projects

The craftsmen at ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati are your hometown experts for any and all repairs that your home may need. But what if you want to tackle a repair or home improvement job yourself? That’s awesome! There is a special satisfaction and pride in knowing you did something to make your own home better. If you’re thinking of a DIY project but feeling a bit unsure about how to proceed, there are tons of resources available. Here are five of the best handyman blogs and video channels to help you accomplish your next project.

1. Family Handyman

Family Handyman started as a magazine in the 1950s. (The magazine is still available, publishing eight issues each year.) The website is a treasure trove of content for almost every home repair project imaginable. Need to seal a duct joint? Got a leaky toilet? Want to learn to cut drywall? Looking for advice on building an outdoor kitchen? You can find all of that and much, much more on this valuable site.

Family Handyman also has a streaming show. You can watch At Home with Family Handyman on the company’s app along with multiple streaming services. And if you really want to up your home repair game, you can enroll in Family Handyman’s DIY University.

2. This Old House

PBS launched This Old House as a DIY home repair television show in 1978. The show is still in production and is now in its 45th season. Along with the show, the franchise publishes a magazine and a website. The site features hundreds of how-to articles, product reviews, and other educational information for the DIY handyman or handywoman. 

This Old House presents information in straightforward, everyday language, so beginning DIYers won’t be intimidated by a bunch of technical jargon. This Old House also has a YouTube channel full of helpful videos, such as this one on understanding different wiring gauges.

3. DoItYourself

If you’re looking for helpful articles written by professional handymen and expert DIYers, then DoItYourself is the place to go. They take complex jobs, such as installing a new window, and break them down into clear, step-by-step instructions. Maybe you want to install a quartz countertop or you aren’t sure how to wire a light with two switches. DoItYourself has you covered. The site also offers a user forum where DIYers can ask and answer questions.

If you are more of a beginning DIYer, you may find some of the terms used by professionals a bit confusing or intimidating. This site offers a DIY glossary that offers simple definitions of hundreds of home repair terms. What is a darby? Is epoxy just glue or something more? What the heck is greenboard? What does OSB stand for? The glossary answers all of those questions and so many more.

4. The Handyman

The Handyman YouTube channel has nearly 500,000 subscribers. Clearly, a lot of people find it helpful. This channel focuses on common home repairs. Some are simple while others are more audacious. The channel also reviews tools, materials, repair methods and techniques, and more.

There are hundreds of how-to videos that provide step-by-step instructions to complete a wide array of home repairs. As an example, here is a video demonstrating how to perfectly cut tile every time.

5. HomeTips

Don Vandervort has written dozens of home improvement books. He was also a segment host on HGTV’s “The Fix.” Don started the HomeTips website from a treehouse(!) office in 1996. Since that arboreal beginning, HomeTips has grown into one of the best online resources for home repair and DIY projects. 

The blog offers over 1,000 articles to help you tackle virtually any project in your home. They cover everything from plumbing to electrical systems to roofing. They even offer tons of helpful suggestions for home appliances. If you’re looking to replace a garage door or you just need to repair a finicky garbage disposal, the HomeTips team offers super helpful content so you can do the job right.

Need a Pro?

DIYing is a great way to save money and enjoy the satisfaction of repairing or improving something yourself. However, you may be facing a job you don’t want to tackle on your own. Or maybe you started a project and then realized that it was more than you bargained for. Never fear! The Home Repair Heroes at ProMaster are ready to serve you. 

Our craftsmen understand that DIY projects can go awry. They’ll never make you feel embarrassed or ashamed if you bit off more than you can chew. Our friendly, courteous professionals treat customers with dignity and respect. Don’t believe us? Just check out our reviews.

The craftsmen at ProMaster show up on time, every time. They always provide exceptional family-friendly service and outstanding craftsmanship. If you need it done right and don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself…or if you got into a project that you just can’t finish on your own…contact the Home Repair Heroes today. You can schedule an appointment online or contact us by phone, email, or text message.

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