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Hang Those Pictures Straight and Secure!

How to Hang Pictures

Hanging pictures and mirrors may seem like a simple task, but if you don’t do it correctly, you can have a major disaster. Location and proper materials are essential to making sure that your wall hangings don’t come crashing down.

Hang Pictures the Right Way – Instructional Video

Watch the video above for a demonstration on how to hang pictures and to view my failure of wall mounting a TV while the boss was out that will show you why you need a laser level.

Steps to Picture Hanging

Black and Decker Bullseye

Black and Decker Bullseye

The first step is to locate studs in your wall using a stud finder. Securing a screw into a stud (we prefer screws to nails) will ensure that you have ample support for your typical photos and mirrors. If you are hanging multiple items you wish to keep level or need multiple supports for one item, use a stud finder with a level and laser guide because not much detracts from a rooms beauty more than crooked picture frames. (Black and Decker Bulls Eye, $50)

Now, sometimes studs aren’t in the ideal position and you really want to hang that piece right in the middle of the wall to tie the room together. That can be done! You’ll need to go out and buy some wall anchors to secure the screw, but with the proper anchor, you can support items of 75 pounds or more without a stud! Here is a link to an excellent, quick three part tutorial on what wall anchors to use and how to install them.

Wall PhotosAfter you locate the stud or realize you need to use wall anchors, insert the screw and hang your artwork, photos or mirror to personalize any space in your home.

There you go; three simple steps and you’re done. Locate and make level marks on studs, fasten screw (with anchor if needed) and hang your items. It’s a pretty simple task that I’m sure most of you can handle but if you need any help with this at all, you know you can call us at ProMaster of Cincinnati at 513-724-0539 visit us on the web at and friend us on Facebook keyword“ProMaster Craftsmen”.



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  1. sarah bellamy says:

    I need a work of art hung in my house. It is a heavy 4 foot by 4 foot wooden square. (takes 2 guys to carry it.) It will be hung on a wall that is easy to access (small ladder needed). I imagine it would need a wood piece on wall to fasten to.
    I was wondering how much it would cost for you to come and hang? I am in downtown Cincinnati.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Hard to say how much it will cost without seeing your home and the picture itself. Sounds like it is pretty heavy. Why don’t you give us a call to discuss at 513-322-2914?

  2. Perfect , neat and fab. and thanks for guide , ill try to make one of this. but if im not happy with my own work maybe ill try to call you.

  3. Awesome article. I really enjoy this post, your useful tips help me a lot, I’m going to try them out with my home remodeling project. Thanks for sharing, Don Kennedy!

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