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How to Test a GFCI Outlet: Bathroom and Kitchen Safety

How to Test a GFCI Outlet in Cincinnati: Bathroom and Kitchen Safety

GFCI Outlet

Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated safety features in our homes are GFCI outlets. GFCI stands for “ground fault circuit interrupters.” These outlets are found in areas of the home where electrical devices may come into contact with water, and prevent electric shock to anyone in contact with such an appliance. They do this by cutting power to the outlet in the event water contacts the appliance. It is of utmost importance to your safety and the safety of your family to ensure that your GFCI outlets in your kitchen or bathroom are working properly. ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman of Cincinnati is happy to provide you with these steps on how to test a GFCI outlet in your Cincinnati home.

Use Caution!

Remember, electricity is dangerous. If you discover or suspect an issue with your GFCI outlet, be sure to call a professional home repair company like ProMaster to help fix the problem the right way, safely! Our master craftsmen have a ton of knowledge and experience that can ensure the safety of you and your home.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet, Step 1:

Before testing, push the “RESET” button on your GFCI outlet.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet, Step 2:

Obtain a nightlight or other small electrical light to use for testing. Most dollar stores or grocery stores will have a wide variety of single-bulb night lights.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet, Step 3:

Plug the nightlight into the GFCI outlet. Be sure the switch is set to “ON” and that the bulb has illuminated.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet, Step 4:

Push the “TEST” button on your GFCI outlet. This button is often red. If the light bulb in the nightlight goes out, your GFCI has cut the current to the outlet, and is working properly. If the light does not go off, contact a professional about replacing your GFCI outlet.

How to Test a GFCI Outlet, Step 5:

Push “RESET” to complete the test process and return your outlet to its normal state. Repeat this test at least twice per year.

As always, if you suspect an issue with your GFCI outlets, or have other home repair needs in Cincinnati, schedule service with ProMaster online, or call 513-322-2914. Our Home Repair Heroes would love the opportunity to assist you in whatever way necessary to make your home repair as worry-free as possible!



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