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Inspecting and Maintaining Your Fence: Cincinnati Fence Repair

Inspecting and Maintaining Your Fence: Cincinnati Fence Repair

They say good fences make for good neighbors. A fence that is falling down and in disrepair, however, can annoy both you and your neighbors. Our area gets battered by every possible type of weather; snow, hail, thunderstorms, summer sun, etc. This means that Cincinnati fence repair doesn’t just require a fix for damage from the occasional soccer ball, but more serious issues like wood rot, warping, and insect damage.

There’s never a bad time to inspect your home’s fence, but there’s no better time than spring. If you’re fortunate enough to have composite or PVC fencing, you may be able to get by with just a little soap and water to give your fence a good cleaning. Those of us with wooden fences, however, have to do some regular maintenance and fence repair to keep our fences looking their best.

Here are some great tips on what you should look for when you inspect your fence this spring and begin work on your Cincinnati fence repair. As always, if any of these things seem beyond the scope of your ability or availability, don’t fret. Just hail a “Home Repair Hero” from ProMaster! We’d love to help you tackle your Cincinnati fence repair, or any other home repair needs you may have.

Inspecting Your Fence

Cincinnati-Fence-Repair-ProMaster Walk both sides of your fence and look for loose boards and popped nails. Often times you can simply drive the old nails back in with a hammer. If a nail is bent, however, or is otherwise damaged, simply replace the nail. Be sure to use the appropriate type of nail for the appropriate type of wood. For pressure-treated lumber, you should use hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel nails. For cedar, work with aluminum or stainless steel nails.

Sometimes a board may be loose because the wood itself is rotting or split. In this case remove the picket or fence board using a crowbar or the claw of your hammer. Be sure to replace with a board or picket that is cut to the same length and shape as the old one. This is particularly important in fences with decorative patterns or custom designs.

While you’re walking your fence line, be sure to give your fence posts a hearty tug. If there is significant movement, the post footing could have weakened or shifted over time. Additionally, you should check your post at the point where it meets the ground, looking for signs of rot. In both situations, you will likely need to replace your fence post to ensure that your fence has maximum stability.

This is also a good time to look for places where your fence has become exceptionally dirty, faded or covered in algae. Weather, animals, and homeowners can do quite a lot to take the shine off of a beautiful fence over time.

Fence Maintenance

When the nails and boards have been secured and the fence posts are sturdy, it’s time to clean your fence. Spray a mild deck cleaner on your fence to avoid harming your lawn or landscaping at the fence’s base. If pressure washing, be sure to use a low setting to avoid gouging or otherwise damaging your fence boards.

You should also stain and/or seal your fence every few years. This will not only keep it looking its best but will also prevent water and insect damage in the years to come. To reduce the amount of work, find a combined stain and seal product with a transparent or semi-transparent finish to add color without losing the texture of the wood’s grain. Spray or brush on your stain or sealer evenly, and finish with a second coat if and where necessary. If you have replaced boards or fence posts with pressure treated lumber, the wood must dry out for at least 8 weeks before staining and sealing.

Cincinnati Fence Repair and Maintenance

If you don’t have the time to inspect, repair, or maintain your fence, no problem. Just contact ProMaster Home Repair. Use the form at the bottom of this page, call 513-322-2914, or schedule service online. We look forward to serving you!

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