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Can a Homeowner Do Part of the Work? [Video]

Have you ever had a project in your home that you knew you could do part of, but not in its entirety? You’d be surprised how often we get calls just like this. “If someone hires ProMaster, can the homeowner do part of the work?” The answer, surprisingly for some, is yes! ProMaster Home Repair is happy to do as much or as little of a project as the homeowner requires.

Here’s an example of a project that we started, but didn’t finish… on purpose!


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Why Would a Homeowner Do Part of the Work?

There are two main reasons why a homeowner might like to participate in the completion of a particular home repair or remodeling project at their home. The first reason is usually cost, according to ProMaster Master Craftsman, Fred Weigand. “A lot of times,” he says, “we get into projects where customers don’t have the budget (or don’t want to have the budget) to do an entire project – start to finish.” Let’s face it – taking care of a home can be expensive. Having the homeowner do part of the work can create a lower price point for a customer, and might help an unaffordable project fall into an acceptable price range.

The second reason is often ability. Sometimes, Fred says, homeowners “have a set of skills that allows them to complete some of the work.” Fred explains that ProMaster can “get the project to a point where they’re comfortable finishing it and still stay within their budget.”

Jobs That Homeowners Often Tackle

As in the home in our video above, homeowners often invite ProMaster to tackle the major aspects of a project. These are often structural changes, electrical, plumbing, or other specialized repairs. Homeowners, however, will often decide to do simpler aspects of a job, such as:

  • Painting
  • Hardware Installation
  • Light Fixture Replacement
  • Bathroom Fixtures
  • Pre-Renovation Demo

Can a Homeowner Do Part of the Work? Absolutely!

Whether it’s due to budget, skill, or something else altogether, ProMaster welcomes you to perform as much DIY as you’re capable of completing. Major remodel? Complete your own demo. Need drywall repair? You can paint your own wall. Moving a bathroom vanity? You can install the faucet. You can start your project, complete it, or anything in between. Just let our craftsman know during your evaluation that you’d like to participate in your projects completion, and he will gladly help a homeowner do part of the work.

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