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Why Give The Gift of Home Repair?

give the gift of home repair

Let’s face it, not everyone is easy to shop for around the holidays. Some people seem to have everything, while others seem to want nothing in particular. That’s why giving the gift of home repair and renovation is such a great choice. Everyone wants a great looking home, but not everyone has the time or skills to complete projects themselves. Additionally, busy people rarely take the time to figure out a budget for that upcoming project. Help solve their problem (and yours) by making those renovations a wonderful and thoughtful present. Here are just a few reasons that the gift of home repair makes a great Christmas gift:

Give the Gift of Home Repair!
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Fits a variety of budgets

The holiday season is a time when family budgets can get pretty tight. Roughly a third of people say they will spend over $1000 on Christmas presents this year, and families as a whole will spend even more. Finding a gift that fits your budget can be rough. Giving the gift of home repair and renovation opens up a huge range of options for any budget. You can brighten up a bathroom with a new faucet, install a beautiful kitchen backsplash, or finish an entire basement. Whether you have a budget of a few hundred dollars or more than $10,000, you’re sure to satisfy that hard to please member of your family.

Includes them in the project

Just because you give your loved one a new vanity or hardwood floors for Christmas, that doesn’t mean the project must be completed by then. If you schedule an evaluation with a craftsman in December, you can schedule the work to be done later. That means you can include the recipient in the choices of tile, colors, etc. Plus, you don’t have to feel responsible for every detail. They can help choose what the final gift looks like.

A gift for the whole family

There are places in you home that are only enjoyed or used by one or two people. Bedrooms, master baths, closets, etc. Much of the home, however, is shared by everyone. Kitchen remodels, finished basements, bathroom upgrades and mounted TVs are all things that the whole family can enjoy. When you give the gift of home repair and remodeling, it can be a gift for the whole family.

It needs to be done anyway!

If we’re honest, we all have projects in our homes that our loved ones really want finished. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, giving the gift of home repair can be a great way to maximize your budget. You can communicate to your family member that you value the repair or remodel that is important to them by giving it as a gift, including them in the process, and setting a date for the work to be completed.

Give The Gift of Home Repair & Renovation

If you are interested in giving the gift of home repair this year, let ProMaster Home Repair be your Santa Claus! Simply invite one of our craftsmen for an evaluation in December, and schedule the work to be completed after the chaos of the Christmas season. We’ll give you your costs and options, and you can include your loved one in the final decisions. Our craftsmen are all multi-disciplined, meaning they can handle all of your tasks, large or small. From a new light fixture to painting to remodeling a kitchen.

Call ProMaster today at 513-322-2914, use the “Reach Out” form at the bottom of the page, or schedule a “Home Repair Hero” online!

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