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How to Spot Wind Damage to Your Roof

How to Spot Wind Damage to Your Roof

Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Following a strong wind storm, it is critical for homeowners to inspect their roof for damage. I’ve included a link at the bottom of this article to quickly educate you on what to look for. Spotting even minor wind damage to shingles and other roof components can save major headaches for you down the road.  Even minor failures in these roof components can leave your home unprotected from the elements, leading to costly repairs from water damage, mold and rot

Even if you aren’t a home repair expert or have the physical ability to climb up on your roof, there are some obvious signs that your roof has sustained damaged that may be visible from the ground.  As a homeowner, spotting these irregularities quickly and reporting them to your home repair service like ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman can often result in a simple repair.  Or in cases where the weather event has significantly damaged the roof, can substantiate an insurance claim for a replacement roof.

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  1. Another tip I share when writing about roofs, is to use binoculars or a digital camera to inspect your roof when you're not able to get up on a ladder. You'll get a much better view, and with the photos you can easily email them to someone for a second opinion.

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