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How to Prevent Mold from a Recent Roof Leak

Prevent Mold from a Roof Leak

Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks

Pardon the pun, but we get flooded with calls to repair roof leaks stemming from the recent snowfall and subsequent ice dam problems with many homes in Cincinnati.  As these roof leaks continue, homeowners have expressed concern about mold growth.  There are a few simple steps you can take to prevent your recent roof leak from turning into a mold nightmare.

Immediate Actions When You Have a Leak:

  1. Diagnose the source of leak. I can’t tell you how difficult this can be at times, as diagnosing water intrusion is a tricky art and science.  My best advice to you is this: don’t bias yourself to one conclusion as to the source of leak.  Rather, investigate all potential sources and even replicate the leak (if possible) to ensure you are attacking the correct problem.
  2. Have the leak fixed first. There is no sense attempting to dry out the affected area if water is allowed to continue to enter the home.
  3. Determine the extent of water damage. How much water damage is there before I need to call a professional water extraction company?  My short answer: If you can’t dry it yourself within 48 hours—it is time to call a pro.  After that time period, your chances of developing a mold problem skyrocket.
  4. Dry out the area completely.  Fans, additional ventilation and dehumidifiers are particularly helpful.  If drywall has been soaked to the point where it is sagging or mushy—cut it out and get it out of the house.

Next Steps to Prevent Mold:

  1. Reduce indoor air humidity. Get a hydrometer and monitor the area—strive to achieve 35% humidity or less if possible.  Turn off the winter humidifier if you have one.  The inconvenience of being shocked from static electricity as you move about your home will be far less than the mess caused by a mold remediation project.
  2. Improve ventilation. Air exchange in your home is critical to help remove moisture.
  3. Prevent the leak’s recurrence. If any mold growth began, future leaks with subsequent water intrusion will only reactivate mold growth. Ensure the roof repairs are thorough and complete to stop that leak from coming back.

If you need help repairing a roof leak or water damage in the Cincinnati area, email service @ MasterMyList . net or call (513) 322-2914 .


  1. roof leaks should be immediately repair to avoid molds. can do it yourself or find roofing company that offers quality for less.

  2. Hard to get rid of those molds, prevention is the best solution.

  3. Wonderful article to prevent molds! Well, I got a dehumidifier and I can say that it is really one of the best and most effective way to prevent and remove moisture in the air that produces the molds! And I recommend this as well to my friends.

  4. Porous materials have to be cut out. Great article!
    Servpro of Lincoln

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