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Finding a reliable and trustworthy painter in Cincinnati can be surprisingly difficult, even in a city as big as Cincinnati. There are so many little things that go into painting that, unless you’ve been doing it for years, many younger painters and do-it-yourselfers overlook, such as overspray or drips. Painters who work for ProMaster collectively have dozens of years of painting experience. They know the ins and outs of prepping a surface for paint, layering materials properly, and ensuring they don’t leave behind unwanted stains or bubbles in the paint.

Our painters are more than just painters. They’re Home Repair Heroes--craftsmen who you can turn to for nearly any home repair project or remodel. They’re honest and talented individuals who show up on time and take pride in what they do, and because they work for the most ethical home repair company in Cincinnati, you can expect them to treat you, your property, and your family with respect.

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Safety in Your Painting Service

Safety should be a concern for homeowners in search of a painting service in Cincinnati. Not because the city is particularly dangerous or risky but because so many amateur paint jobs are passed off as professional ones to paying customers. It’s important that whoever you choose to complete your paint job is someone you can trust.

But there’s more to safety than just ensuring you hire a trustworthy painter, as important as that is. Nowadays homes are getting bigger and taller, requiring tools like ladders but also more sophisticated techniques. What happens when the painter you hired slips and falls from atop one of those ladders? In Cincinnati, if the painting company doesn’t have workers’ compensation coverage, it’s the homeowner who’s liable if someone was to get injured. That because, according to the state of Ohio, the homeowner is the painter’s employer.

The painting industry is filled with subcontractors; one company sells the job while another performs the work. A big problem with that (and there are plenty) is that it makes it practically impossible for a homeowner to know whether or not the person who shows up to paint has insurance. Even those that, like us, provide homeowners with company paperwork and certificates should be looked into and researched before committing to anything because when push comes to shove, those papers become less meaningful.

Cheap Paint Work Looks Cheap

Many homeowners, in the interest of saving money, either hire a cheaper contractor or sometimes go out and buy their own paint. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with either of those courses of action; more often times, however, it just creates more work for the homeowner.

Any professional painting service in Cincinnati goes through a lot of paint in a relatively short amount of time. That means that most of them receive far greater discounts on paint materials from home improvement stores—discounts that homeowners aren’t privy to and would probably get furious over if revealed. It’s smart to be safe with your money, but, as long as they’re honest and fair, working with a large company may be the best choice for a homeowner. Many times, the discounts these companies receive can offset the high labor costs of skilled craftsmen.

Why Choose ProMaster for your Paint Job?

Simply put, because we’re the best and most ethical painting contractor in Cincinnati. If you don’t believe us by now that we value treating our customers with the utmost honesty and professionalism, there’s little more I can do to convince you other than encouraging you to do the research. Check out our 3rd party reviews like the BBB and HomeAdvisor, or read our reviews and testimonials to decide for yourself whether we’re the right company with you.

Giving your home a new coat of paint is a great opportunity to make additional changes and quality-of-life improvements to the house. One of the best reasons to hire a ProMaster Home Repair Hero, besides our reputation, is the fact that our craftsmen are trained to handle a wide variety of home repairs extending far beyond painting services. So if there’s minor trim damage, a missing/broken light fixture, or there’s a nice spot on the wall for some shelving, our guys can take care of it as part of their project, often resulting in saved time and money.

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