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Covington, KY Carpentry Service & Repair

No two Covington carpenters are the same. ProMaster Home Repair knows that all too well. Why? Because because we often find ourselves needing to repair other carpenters' poor work. It doesn't matter whether you need a finish carpenter in Covington for a small carpentry project or a whole team of carpenters for a difficult wood rot repair job, just call ProMaster Home Repair.

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We provide a multitude of interior and exterior carpentry handyman services. Our "Home Repair Herores" are carpentry professionals who have honed their skills by years of experience and a quest for perfection.

It's also important to know, however, that these craftsmen aren't just finish carpenters, they are skilled at other home repair tasks, too: like drywall, paint, electrical, plumbing, and more. Our multi-skilled carpentry handyman craftsmen offer a real advantage over other Covington, KY carpenter contractors because  they can perform numerous tasks associated your needed carpentry work. Read more below to find out how we can help on your project

Just a few examples of the carpentry projects we can do for you in Covington...

Carpentry - Interior

  • Baseboard, Chair Rail, Crown Molding
  • Cabinets, Doors, Shelves, Trim
  • Custom built-ins, wood floor repairs
  • Framing, subfloor, termite damage repair

Carpentry - Exterior

Pictures of Carpentry Work in Covington, Cincinnati, and beyond

More Covington Carpentry Information

Finish carpenters have been perfecting their craft for centuries. In the modern era, an evolution has merged carpentry skill with home improvement projects, both interior and exterior, creating what we call the modern “carpentry handyman.”

Deck building is one of the most common carpentry projects on a home. Decks provide instant value to a home and can create a wonderfully enjoyable outdoor space. Deck size and type should be determined by the activities that will take place on it. Here at ProMaster, werecommend that you work with a professional carpentry company to complete a complex work like a deck build. This includes finding someone who knows housing codes, including railing height and other construction requirements.

If you're doing exterior carpentry work, weatherproofing is critical. Your area's climate will indicate what type of building materials should be used to build your outdoor structure. This is also true for trim, fascia, or soffit components. Appropriate caulking should be done to protect against water intrusion. These steps will make an aesthetic difference as well.

Interior carpentry is especially scrutinized, as work tends to be seen up close. These kinds of projects must be done by a highly skilled craftsman. Shelving, closet rod installation and wallpapering are examples of jobs easily tackled by the avid "do-it-yourselfer." Chair rail, crown molding, custom cabinetry, interior trim, wainscoting and wood floor repairs, however, may be best attempted by a professional carpenter.

If you need assistance with a carpentry project in Covington, ProMaster is here to help. Our craftsmen will do a professional job, stick to the stated timeline, leave the work area cleaner than they found it. You can contact us via the form at the bottom of this page, or call (513) 322-2914.

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