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Is Composite Decking Right For Your Deck?

Everyone enjoys spending some quality time relaxing on their home’s deck. And whether you’re dining outdoors, or just lounging on a summer evening, you want your deck to be as beautiful as it can be. If you’re planning on building, replacing, or resurfacing a deck, what materials should you consider? If you’re looking for a long-lasting, maintenance-free option, you may want to consider composite decking. There’s no staining, no warping, and no reason to not ask: Is composite decking right for your deck project?

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What is “Composite” Decking?

When most people think of putting a deck on their home, they often think of basic pine boards. And while wood is great, composite decking has some intrinsic advantages. While there are different manufacturers and types of composite decking, it is generally made from a combination (or composite) of wood fibers and melted plastic. It’s this makeup and combination of materials that could make composite decking right for your home.

So, what are the advantages of composite decking?

What Makes Composite Decking Right For You?

No matter what project you’re thinking about doing in your home, you’re going to face some choices. Knowing the pros and cons of any option will help you determine which is the most appropriate choice for your home. Choosing a type of decking is no different. While composite deck boards tend to be more expensive than wood, there is no shortage of advantages composite boards have over natural materials.

Maintenance Free

Is Composite Decking Right For YouOne of the most frustrating aspects of owning a deck is the pressure washing, staining, and sealing that you have to do to keep it looking its best. With composite decking, you don’t have to mess with all that. Composite boards are made to be waterproof and colorfast, which means you don’t need to worry about staining them or sealing them to prevent water damage or retain a certain appearance.

No Rot or Splintering

If you don’t take care of your wooden deck with regular maintenance, a number of bad things could happen. Your boards could warp. You may see wood rot occur. Your boards could also splinter, causing a hazard for anyone using the deck in a typical, shoe-less, summer fashion. Even worse, you could end up with an insect problem that compromises the integrity of your decking. Composite takes these risks away. The plastic/wood fiber combination makes these boards rot, warp, insect, and splinter proof. It also could make composite decking right for your home.

A Look You’ll Love

Here at ProMaster, we’ve seen and built some beautiful wooden decks. There’s no question they can look great. Composite decks, however, have a beauty all their own. You can purchase boards, fascia, railings and more in any number of colors and finishes, all with the appearance of wood grain.

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